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Thread: H.264 Output Format Options Questions?

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    Default H.264 Output Format Options Questions?

    I was looking at the options panel for H264, and I noticed a few things that I couldnt quite understand in the documentation

    What's the benefits or drawbacks from choosing intelligent recode vs. forced recode?

    And what's the benefits or drawbacks of single pass vs multi pass encoding?

    Oh - do I notice a big difference if I recode a standard DVD and use 1440 by 1080 for the output resolution vs 720x480. I don't know what resolutions come on standard widescreen DVDs

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    An "Intelligent" profile only recodes if the source and destination codecs are different. If a recode is required then it will maintain the source video's resolution, frame rate and interlacing unless they exceed the options you've set. And the bitrate is calculated using a special quality factor which attempts to maintain the same visual quality of the source file while adjusting to the differences between codecs.

    A "Force Recode" profile forces a recode no matter what. The resolution and bitrate you select are used regardless of the source video parameters. So if you you encode a DVD, which is only 720x480, using a "Force Recode" profile set to 1920x480 then the video will be upsampled to 1920x480 and probably wont look very good. You should probably only use a "Force Recode" profile if you know the details of the source video and you know how each of the settings will effect the quality of the output.

    As for multi-pass encoding... It improves quality by pre-scanning the video and then allocating more of the bits to scenes that need it most like fast action sequences, etc...

    Dan Haddix

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    Default Follow up questions

    So here's the goal I am trying to accomplish
    I have a series of DVDs.

    I'm a lazy soul, and I want to rip them and put them on my file server so my playstation 3 can see them and play them

    So they will mostly be in standard widescreen DVD resolutions. What I'm puzzled about is this:

    Should I specify intelligent recode, multiple pass, and set the max resolution to 1920 by 1080 even if the underlying source disk didnt have that resolution? The file sizes were getting unreasonably large at 1920 by 1080.

    Also wondering if there is a difference between auto applying the quickstream fix, or saving it as the mpg first, then reprocessing the mpg through the output settings

    Right now I have a multi pass, force recode at max 720 by 480 and thinks look fuzzy and grainy at times. I was wondering if thats because I did force recode.

    Annoying that I have to get it in H264/MP4 format, but the playstation is only giving me surround sound decoding in that format, otherwise I would just leave it in mpeg after quickstream is done with it

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    OK there are a few things here... First off if the DVD needs to be QSFed then make sure to save as a .mpg and NOT as a mp4. When you recode via QSF it does not have the full logic of calculating the proper bitrate, so the files will likely end up larger then they need to be.

    Once the file is QSFed, or you bypass that step, then open the video in the main UI and save to MP4 using the standard H264 MP4 profile. That should produce a file of good size and quality. If your PS3 has any trouble playing the file then try the same thing but change the audio format to AAC. (I'm not sure if the PS3 can play MP4s with AC3 audio or not)

    Dan Haddix

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