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    Maybe I was thinking about reading in that xml file at some time, although I don't remember it. I don't find any references to NextPVR in the VAP changelog so I don't think it was ever done.. It could be done and I may do it.

    Here is something you could try for now, based on the example xml you provided:
    On the Advanced Configuration screen, Metadata Templates tab, enter a "Template for parsing metadata from input file names" as follows:
    Extension Template
    .ts {title}.S{seasonnum}E{epnum}.{eptitle}

    I verified, using the filename in your xml, that this parsed metadata will allow VAP's metadata search to succeed. The metadata obtained is:

    description :
    isEpisode : true
    seriesTitle : The Haves and the Have Nots
    title : The Haves and the Have Nots
    originalAirDate : 2016-08-16T00:00:00Z
    episodeTitle : Back In Business
    seriesId :
    episodeNumber : 0003020
    vProgramGenre : Drama
    vProgramGenre : Soap
    vActor : John Schneider
    vActor : Angela Robinson
    vActor : Aaron O'Connell
    vActor : Crystal Fox
    vActor : Eva Tamargo
    vActor : Gavin Houston
    vActor : Jaclyn Betham
    vActor : Peter Parros
    vActor : Renée Lawless
    vActor : Tika Sumpter
    vActor : Tyler Lepley
    vActor : Allison McAtee
    vActor : Shari Headley
    vActor : Presilah Nunez
    vActor : Kristian Kordula
    vActor : Jon Chaffin
    vActor : Brett Davis
    vActor : Medina Islam
    vActor : Danielle Deadwyler
    vActor : James Edward Thomas
    vActor : Porsha Ferguson
    vActor : Jordan Preston Carter
    vActor : Philip Boyd

    Strangely, this particular series is one for which theTVDB has no Description/Overview/Synopsis for episodes, but that is rare I believe. (You or anyone could join theTVDB and enter such data.)

    You can have multiple parsing templates. The one used will be the first one that gives a match and with the specified filte extension.
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