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    Default TVSuite Version 5, Beta Builds

    Please post your functional issues here on the message board. However upgrade and key issues should be emailed directly to us via email at support. AT

    Download link:

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2018-04-12)

    [Change] Transport stream mux: Reduce number of PTS overflow/underflow messages that go to the log to cut down on log file size.
    [Fix] Uncompressed: Changed video buffer overflow size test from >= max_buffer_size to > max_buffer_size.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: Not writing a language descriptor to the PMT when audio is AAC-LC.
    [Fix] MPEG2: Audio buffer overflow if there are multiple title segments in an output stream. Joiner or Transcoder (DAI).
    [Fix] TS Files: If ignore T>Options>Stream, Ignore TS maps checked, AAC-LC streams incorrectly picked up as AAC-HE.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: Language codes not being output to the PMT for AAC-LC streams (type 0x0F).
    [Fix] H.264: Single byte NAL at start of MP4 file makes our reader think file already has Annex B codes.
    [Fix] GUI: Seeking 60 fps videos by time code cause displayed frame to be off by 1 frame / second due to rounding error.
    [Fix] Uncompressed: (VRDPro) crash on save if ANC/RDD11 subtitles to user data in output profile is set.
    [Fix] ProRes: (VRDPro) Output will hang in 2nd pass if doing save with LKFS normalization.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: (VRDPro/Transcoder) Incorrect PTS in output file if enabling VANC to user data filter.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2018-03-23)
    [Fix] H.264 editing: Sync problem if source is H.264 MP4/MKV, 1st audio frame has a PTS less than 1st video frame, and cut in 1st GOP.
    [Fix] GUI: AMD display cards could show triple video images when running on Win 10 (started with Build 763) due to EVR setting.
    [Fix] H.264 editing: Level 5.2 was supported when computing maximum number frames in DPB. Incorrectly assumed 0.
    [Fix] GUI: If splash screen dragged to edge of screen or Window+arrow pressed, splash screen could accidentally be resized.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-12-16)
    [Fix] DVD/MPEG encoding: Fixed dual pass DVD encoding which broke in 760a.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-12-08)
    [Fix] DVD/MPEG encoding: Revert to build 748 MPEG2 encoder for software encoding due to speed and bit rate compliance of ffmpeg.
    [Fix] Video driver: At install, automatic selection of EVR for Windows 10, VMR9 for Win 7/8, and VMR7 for XP wasn't working correctly.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-11-22)
    [Change] Ouput status: 10-30 second delay displaying the initial output status dialog in Win 10 Fall Creator's update.
    [Fix] TS Files: Not detecting audio streams when coded as private PES-1 PMT descriptor, due to VRD ITV hack from 2009.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 output, fix in 757/758 could cause buffer overflow if the vbv buffer size decreased in the middle of file.
    [Fix] DVD authoring: Average bit rate about 6% high when using ffmpeg mpeg2 encoder. Can make DVD folder too large.
    [Fix] AAC Audio: Problem parsing the AAC header from an MP4 file, especially with Version 2 audio description.
    [Fix] Titling: Adding a title and having an output frame rate different from the source video causes hang or audio resync adds.
    [Enhancement] LXF: (VRDPro) support for LXF output with HD captions and PCM audio.
    [Fix] x264 encoder: (VRDPro) option to force enabling the HRD parameters wasn't working.
    [Fix] GXF files: (VRDPro) original PTS values calculated incorrectly for 720p files.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-10-29)
    [Change] TS Muxing: H.264 output, In TVSuite, set the buffers exit rates at the mux rate to avoid PTS underflows.
    [Fix] File open: Improved ESReader to give fewer false positives of H.264 streams.
    [Fix] File open: Moved the ESReader to be last in line for file checks to prevent false positive elementary stream warnings.
    [Fix] GUI: Custom buttons, reset to default did not work on all 6 controls, only the 1st one.
    [Fix] GUI: Find tune slider is assuming right button is pressed instead of left button.
    [Fix] GUI: German, cleaned up Tools>Options dialog positioning.
    [Fix] Output Aspect: 720x576 SAR calculation not being rounded correctly showing 1.775 instead of 1.7778.
    [Fix] Output Profiles: On Advanced tab in TVSuite V5, "Watermarking" options should not be displayed, it's for VRDPRO only.
    [Fix] Output: Saving each scene as separate file doesn't work with elementary stream output.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 output, fixed TS muxer to re-set the buffer timings on each GOP in case profile / HRD params change.
    [Fix] Titling: Titles audio incorrect frame duration when changing audio sampling rate of the source file.
    [Fix] Video display: Application could crash if source dimensions were 720x486 but decoded as 720x496.
    [Fix] ANC captions: (VRDPro) ANC caption to user data conversions didn't work if also doing a frame rate change.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-09-25)
    [Enhancement] H.264: Will now open incorrectly formatted HD-PVR files that wouldn't open in previous versions.
    [Enhancement] COM: Add new COM call, NavigationFrameAdvancedIFrame( BOOL bForward).
    [Enhancement] ES Muxing: Add option in the ES muxing dialog for the video frame rate when the frame rate isn't in the video stream.
    [Enhancement] ES Muxing: Added support to mux video only, using silent PCM audio.
    [Enhancement] GUI: Gracefully edit videos with multiple dimensions. Shift+Tools>Options # 40: Allow multiple video dimensions
    [Enhancement] MPEG2: Added support for AAC LC audio with MPEG2 video when using MP4/MOV container.
    [Enhancement] Output profiles: Option to group profiles by container and codec.
    [Change] ES Muxing: Updated the H.264 elementary stream detection to require a SPS, PPS, and not require multiple AUDs.
    [Change] GUI: Add "disable" option to check for update frequency on the Tools>Options>Startup page.
    [Change] GUI: Allow dimension changes from 1080 to 1088 without triggering a warning.
    [Change] GUI: Diagnostic level now defaults to "medium" on Tools>Options>General
    [Change] GUI: When showing can only be opened in VideoReDo Pro, display a "more information link".
    [Change] H.264 MP4/MKV: Arbitrate frame rate by looking at PTS values when the video ES has a different frame rate than the file header.
    [Change] HEVC/H265: Add warning when the user tries to open an HEVC/H265 file.
    [Change] Output Profiles: When grouping option is "none", change "Check/Uncheck group" to "Check/Uncheck All" and enable.
    [Change] TS Muxing: Auto mux rate was not taking into account the bit rate of non-recoded secondary audio streams.
    [Fix] Ad-Detective: If source is H.264 and "Disable Display Update" in Ad-detective params is checked, batch ad-detective can hang.
    [Fix] Ad-detective: Interactive tab not showing in ad scan params
    [Fix] Audio playback: 8K sampling rate audio doesn't play properly with the DirectSound driver for H.264 files.
    [Fix] Audio: AAC-LC with sampling rate of 24 KHz mistakenly detected as AAC-HE.
    [Fix] Captions: Changed caption header market bit from 0 to 1 in H264 SEI captions.
    [Fix] ES Reader: Tighten check for H.264 videos to prevent MPEG2 program streams being interpreted as H264 ES streams.
    [Fix] File open: MP4/QT file accidentally as a transport stream, failed to open.
    [Fix] GUI: Czech translation, Tools>Options>Playback, EVR video driver option is labeled as duplicate VMR7.
    [Fix] GUI: Error message when joining files with different video codecs incorrect. Missing a '%s'
    [Fix] H.264: Improved sync adjustment when there is missing audio and all video frames are reference frames.
    [Fix] Intel QuickSync: Output profile advanced, GOP size and IDR frequency weren't working.
    [Fix] MP4: Added support for for opening MP4 files with header blocks (zlib support)
    [Fix] Output Profile: German translation for output profile encoder drop down was incorrect preventing Quick Sync (TVSuite)
    [Fix] Output Profiles: Prevent 2 pass encoding when using Intel QS encoder.
    [Fix] Output: Rotation would cause crash if source chroma is 4:2:2 and output chroma is 4:2:0.
    [Fix] Output: Deinterlacer not functioning properly after using new multi-threaded calls.(broke in 750)
    [Fix] Prevent 422/444 with QS encoder
    [Fix] Profile editing: If profile list is grouped, importing a profile doesn't show the new profile until you change the grouping.
    [Fix] Uncompressed: Frame rate of 59.94 incorrectly set as 29.97
    [Fix] XML Parser: Possible crash if trying to open or test an XML file larger than 2GB.
    [Enhancement] Canoe CSV: (VRDPro), when opening a Canoe project look for matching .ts in addition to a matching .mpg
    [Enhancement] Deinterlacing: (VRDPro & Transcoder), If system has 4-7 cores, using 2 deinterlacing threads, if 8+ cores, 4 threads.
    [Enhancement] GUI: (VRDPro) Added pts jitter, difference between actual and calculated PTS value, to the stream internals GOP graph.
    [Enhancement] Help: (VRDPro) add link in help menu to VideoReDo Pro application notes.
    [Enhancement] Watermarking: (VRDPro) Added support Teletrax watermarking.
    [Change] H.264 MXF: (VRDPro) When opening an H.264 MXF file automatically override aspect ratio from MXF container if present.
    [Change] MXF Output: (VRDPro) Added support for MPEG2 4:2:0 output with profile/level: High@Main and High@High.
    [Change] Time display: (VRDPro) On Tools>Options>Navigation, change NPT check box to drop down:
    [Fix] LKFS calculation: (VRDPro) Fixed LKFS setting for non-gated algorithms, BS-1770-3-10 second.
    [Fix] LXF: (VRDPro) Fixed problem with audio / video sync when there is pre-roll.
    [Fix] MXF: (VRDPro) AAC audio in an MXF wrapper, gives multiple audio frame errors due to excess filler.
    [Fix] Prores: (VRDPRO) Converting ANC captions to user data causes GPF.
    [Fix] x264 encoding: (VRDPro) CRF setting on Advanced H.264 tab wasn't working, was always defaulting to 23.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2016-10-10)
    [Enhancement] Ad-Detective, add button to load or save Ad-Detective parameters.
    [Enhancement] Captions: (VRDPro) Support converting EIA_608 captions in an MP4 to user data.
    [Change] H.264: Aspect ratio could be off due to SAR rounding error.
    [Change] H.264: Improperly encoded SAR setting with aspect ratio of 0:0 causes H.264 encoder validation error when doing a cut.
    [Change] TS Output: Rolled back the improved buffer management from build 745 if not outputting null packet. Speeds up VLC opens.
    [Fix] Batch: Ad-Detective will honor interactive vs output based Ad-Detective option.
    [Fix] GUI: If YUV acceleration is off, 1912x1070 video would crash during RGB conversion.
    [Fix] GXF/LXF: (VRDPro) Intermittent seeking issues with GXF/LXF files.
    [Fix] H.264 files: Sync issue when a large GOP starts with IDR and rest of GOP are I-Frames that aren't used as references.
    [Fix] Joiner: Output not clearing output complete dialog resulting in statistics showing from previous joins.
    [Fix] MPEG2 navigation: Fixed rare problem with frame accurate navigation of transport stream (and Tivo TS) files.
    [Fix] Output: If profile is "Match source" and source is not MPEG2 or H.264, would error, now recodes to H.264.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2016-09-15)
    [Enhancement] Ad-Detect: Added option for long silent audio (<-65 dBFS) to be flagged as an advert.
    [Enhancement] Ad-Detect: Option to use the audio channel count as part of the ad-detection algorithm.
    [Enhancement] Add option to turn on Plot Mask by default
    [Enhancement] Audio stream selection: Added language code to Tools>Select Stream>Audio
    [Enhancement] Output complete: Add actual output duration, output file size, and number of scenes
    [Enhancement] Output profile: Added "Primary audio" selection in advanced audio profile so user doesn't need to know a specific stream number.
    [Enhancement] Title dialog: Moved title fade duration to main dialog rather than use separate dialog invoked by a non-obvious menu option.
    [Enhancement] Use longest file for metadata on all files types, not just MCE
    [Enhancement] Video display: Detect if source video is rotated and display correctly (MP4 files).
    [Enhancement] Ability to save each scene to a separate output file.
    [Change] GUI: If drag/drop multiple files, the combine / join / dvd dialog can be hidden by windows from other applications.
    [Change] Joiner: New option in joiner edit dialog to clear the joiner list after a joiner save.
    [Change] MP4 output: If source is PCM and audio is "Automatic", auto recode to AAC. For PCM set codec to PCM or mux format to MOV
    [Change] MP4: Detect rotation metadata value, and load into video stream parameters. Report in Tools>Show Program Info.
    [Change] MPEG2 output: MaxGop without header bit rate change would set header bit rate to 10 Mbps unless TS. Now checks for PS or DVD
    [Change] Output profile: Add new option to rotation setting to auto rotate so that output video is upright.
    [Change] Output profile: Intelligent recode, Bit rate presets, added 4K average and max bit rate. 1080 labeled now as both 1080i/p.
    [Change] Output profile: Move "Convert all I-frames to GOPs" from Advanced>Program stream to MPEG2 stream.
    [Change] Output profile: Move "Dropframe timecode in GOPs" from Advanced Program Stream to MPEG2 Stream.
    [Change] Output profile: Move "Set header to video bitrate" from Advanced > program stream options to MPEG-2 stream options
    [Fix] Ad-detective scan: New Ad-detective now process entire file and replaces any existing cuts / scenes.
    [Fix] Audio: PCM audio ingest sampling rates currently limited to 96K, 48K, 44.1K, 32K. Added ingest support for 24K, 22.5K, 11.025K
    [Fix] Avermedia: Not detecting the faulty AverMedia encoding in AVI files resulting in wrong frame rate.
    [Fix] COM: Loading a file via COM with QSF flag set would always return "false" even if file was loaded.
    [Fix] H.264 output: Fixed buffer timing for H.264 streams with HRD bit_rate_value
    [Fix] H.264 output: Pixelation when cutting on an I-frame when file contains both I and IDR frames.
    [Fix] H.264: Unable to open file smart edited by VRD using IDR cut if the SEI precedes the SPS in the original file.
    [Fix] IFO file open via drag: Opening a DVD file via file open gives an incorrect error message.
    [Fix] Joiner: Joiner>Create video from joiner list, will now only be enabled if there's an actual video project in the joiner list.
    [Fix] MP4/MKV: Correctly handle videos that start with negative PTS values.
    [Fix] MP4: Audio detect rotated videos, display the video upright and auto transcode to upright on output unless intelligent to mp4.
    [Fix] MPEG2 Output:Encoding MPEG2 to 4K would crash, now limits to 1920x1080.
    [Fix] Output profile: If target file size is 0, default to minimum settings, 1 Mbps for MPEG-2 and 0.5 Mbps for all other codecs
    [Fix] Output profile: If using Intelligent mode "quality factor" and source isn't MPEG2 or H.264 auto switch to bit rate mode.
    [Fix] Output profiles: Progressive sequence flag not being set when converting 1080i to 720p with BOB deinterlacer.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 TS muxing, improve calculation for the VBV site so that it uses both profile and level.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: Improve initial PCR value and properly set the max duration allowed in the ES (decode) buffer.
    [Fix] WTV files: Fall back to ffMpeg reader for WTV files that won't open with our standard reader.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2016-06-02)
    [Enhancement] Check for HE in AAC frames with ADTS
    [Enhancement] GUI: New Tools> UI Style editor, to change the skin colors and fonts on the main screen.
    [Enhancement] Install wizard: New install wizard starting with build 742.
    [Change] GUI: User's used to Ctrl+Q to select stream didn't realize that it's been changed to a menu option, issue informative warning.
    [Change] IFO open: Changed way we stored stored "Auto QSF" parameter in the registry. (Internal fix).
    [Change] Licensing: False positive for license violation on a couple German systems. Fixed in 740d. More fixes in 742.
    [Change] MPEG2 Output: (VRDPro) when recoding HD CBR at low bit rates, too large a VBV would trigger ffMpeg to switch to VBR.
    [Change] MPEG2 output: (VRDPro) Profile setting to insure that all frames have user data captions.
    [Change] TS Muxing: Teletext frames can overflow the packet buffer when video is removed but teletext data isn't.
    [Fix] Convert ANC captions to user data: (VRDPro) Doesn't work when source and output codecs are different.
    [Fix] DVD Options: Removed hidden option "Direct to VIDEO_TS" from output folder on the Tools>Options>DVD.
    [Fix] GUI: Buttons on main screen have no text when font set to MS Sans Serif
    [Fix] GUI: Fine Tune Slider not working properly
    [Fix] KeySearch database: (Private) Can't have single quotes in the inactive reason. Didn't check comments, might be there too.
    [Fix] MKV file: Sporadic crash when opening some MKV files[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Last subtitle being output could cause a crash.
    [Fix] MP4/MKV: Application crash if s+T>O # 54, Frames to check for variable frame rate non-zero.
    [Fix] MPEG2 Output; Might throw an exception / failure if first GOP is closed and only has less than 3 frames.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 TS muxing could fail is SPS VBV size is less than 500,000 bytes.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 TS muxing would fail is SPS has VUI parameters, but the HRD block is empty.
    [Fix] Time code entry: Allow ";" between seconds and frames, i.e. hh:mm:ss;ff.
    [Fix] Title editor: Inconsistent 4K support & fonts too small. Fonts sizes will now auto scale at HD and 4K sizes.

    TVSuite V5 -
    (Released 2015-12-19)

    [Fix] DV: Field order incorrect when reading SD DV files.
    [Fix] Preview mode: MPEG2 audio might not play in preview, if there are more than 1 audio stream. Broken in 738/739.
    [Fix] SMPTE-302M: (VRDPro) Channel 2 was not being output correctly when encoding at 16 bits.

    TVSuite V5 -
    (Released 2015-11-09)

    [Enhancement] Batch: Add a Tools>Options>Batch option to terminate batch when the queue is empty for xx minutes.
    [Enhancement] Batch: New option when adding a file from within batch: "Match source format" (SAS) to let VRD choose the output profile.
    [Enhancement] Batch: New pencil icon allows editing of output folder and profile of a previously queued batch item.
    [Enhancement] GUI: Charm bar can be customized using T>O>Charms. Additional charms available, charm text can be customized.
    [Change] Batch: Add option to batch to run VRD visible rather than silent. Will be a big help for debugging.
    [Change] Crop/Resize: Change the default border value from x000000 to x101010 (studio black).
    [Change] DVD burning: Add option to Tools>Options>DVD to search for DVD on A and B drive letters.
    [Change] MPEG2: When recoding, change the default max VBV buffer size to 9.7 Mbps for 4:2:0 and 12.2 Mbps for 4:2:2
    [Change] Output profile: Expand manual gain reduction from -32 db to -96 db in the profile so that a track can be silent.
    [Change] Output profiles: Changed output profile frame rate selection. Removed "SD", added "Automatic".
    [Fix] EAC3: Audio decoder could cause a buffer overflow when playing files with EAC3 audio.
    [Fix] Batch: Automatic sort by date in batch not working
    [Fix] ES muxing: Dragging an MPEG-2 ES stream would throw an error rather than launching the ES muxer.
    [Fix] H.264: Problems opening an AVI x.264 file with Annex B start codes if it starts with a large SEI created by the X.264 encoder.
    [Fix] MPEG2: Preview mode crashes. (Broke in 738)
    [Fix] PS muxer: Rare buffer overflow when creating an MPEG-2 program stream.
    [Fix] Quick Sync: 1080i converted to 720p with the QuickSync encoder was not being correctly flagged as progressive.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: Tightened up muxing parameters for MPEG2 720p file to create more compliant muxes.
    [Fix] TS Muxing: Updating an MPEG2 bit rate in the sequence header wasn't correctly updating the exit rate of the video mux buffer.
    [Enhancement] GUI: (VRDPro) In the advanced audio mixing dialog. Double clicking on a process or output stream selects and edits it.
    [Enhancement] MXF reader: (VRDPro) Correctly handle MXF files where initial DTS is negative.
    [Enhancement] Audio meters now functional.
    [Change] SMPTE-302M: (VRDPro) Added framing bit to mark beginning of each 192 sample frame.
    [Fix] SMPTE-302M: (VRDPro) Fixed TS muxer bit rates to create more compliant 302M muxes.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-11-09)
    [Enhancement] GUI: Tools>Options>Startup, new option to change the name and location of the custom output profiles file.
    [Enhancement] DV Video: (VRDPro) new DV trimming option to trim DV segments.
    [Enhancement] GUI: (VRDPro) VRDPro only options consolidated into single category on Tools>Options.
    [Change] Crop/Resize: Changed internal logic for automatic pillar/letter boxing on aspect ratio change.
    [Fix] Output: Primary audio stream not in output, if user unchecked "allow multiple audio streams" (broke 737)
    [Fix] H.264: Unable to open SmartyCam files. Files use pic ordering type 2, but don't have IDR frames, only I-frames.
    [Fix] MKV: File wouldn't open if container time stamp corrupt. This prevented QSF.
    [Fix] DVD authoring: Would force a video recode on 29.97fps video
    [Fix] GUI: Audio wave form not displayed
    [Fix] Audio output: Output could hang if normalizing and changing the number of audio channels.
    [Fix] GUI: (private) Print reason why activation check failed.
    [Fix] MPEG2: Cuts in very low bit rate files could create macroblocked images. Minimum encoding bit rate not being honoured.
    [Fix] Output: (VRDPro) When recoding to 720x608, we were automatically adding VBI signal. Remove, only do so if recoding to 720x512.
    [Fix] Output: Output could rarely include an extra frame in cut mode due to round off error when converting cuts to scenes.

    TVSuite V5 -
    (Released 2015-10-02)

    [Change] TS Output: If "Use PIDs from source file" is Yes, then copy AC3 and DVB component tags from source PMT.
    [Fix] GUI: Batch "Add files to batch queue" profile drop down list only showing single item and missing icons (Broke in 736)

    TVSuite V5 - ( Released 2015-09-28 )
    [Enhancement] Audio stream selection: Removed Tools>Select stream. Audio stream now selected directly from Tools menu, doesn't re-open file.
    [Enhancement] DV Video: (VRDPro) SMPTE-436m captioning supported for DV video in an MXF wrapper.
    [Enhancement] Output profile: (VRDPro) MXF output is supported. Currently OP1A only.
    [Change] Chapter markers: On Tools>Options>Chapters page, default "enabled": Scene markers and cut points. (new installs)
    [Change] H.264 navigation: Improved navigation / seek speed for files with very long GOPs ( > 5 sec / GOP).
    [Change] MP4/MKV output: Changed internal buffering class to a more efficient container.
    [Change] MPEG2: Not displaying B frames due to ignore-able encoding error.
    [Fix] AAC audio: AAC-HE audio with implicit signalling wasn't always detected correctly.
    [Fix] Audio output: (VRDPro) audio mixer could hang output graph because it wasn't resetting source frame PTS correctly at cuts.
    [Fix] Audio output: (VRDPro) audio mixer could hang the output graph at end of file due to race condition checking read threads.
    [Fix] Audio output: Re-sampling from 44.1Khz to 48Khz could hang output depending on the location of the cut points.
    [Fix] DV Video: DV file being mis-interpreted as MPEG2.
    [Fix] DV Video: DV file causing crash on open, being mis-interpreted as an MPEG2 PS.
    [Fix] DV Video: DV file in an MXF wrapper is getting assigned the GENERIC ffMpeg type instead of MXF ffMpeg type.
    [Fix] GUI: Windows 10, controls overlapping on Tools>Options>Navigation page.
    [Fix] H.264 playback: If video fell behind audio frames dropped to maintain sync, but drop option not cleared once back in sync.
    [Fix] H.264: Allocated too much memory for PCM buffers when source is H264.
    [Fix] H.264: For Avermedia captured files, widen the parameters to auto correct the frame rate from 59.94 to 29.97
    [Fix] LKFS normalizing: (VRDPro) can crash if source audio codec is AAC 2.0.
    [Fix] MP4/MKV output: Improved handling of H.264 files when the DTS/PTS relationship changes in mid file.
    [Fix] WMV audio decoding: ffmpeg audio decoding could drop most audio frames when using wmv voice codec.
    [Fix] x264 encoding: (VRDPro) Progressive sequence not being set in all cases.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-07-22)
    [Change] GUI: Added "auto" to S+T>O # 51 to enable the ffMpeg libraries determine the optimal threading based on the source codec.
    [Fix] H.264: Unable to determine clock preventing file open if field encoded and temporal references (POC_lsb) are odd.
    [Fix] Quick sync: Error check from encoder wasn't skipping negative error codes resulting in rare crash.
    [Fix] Uncompressed video: Spurious EOF returned in middle of the file triggers a decoder reset resulting in corrupt GOP.
    [Fix] H.264 output: Adding a leading title could trigger a crash. (Broken in 731).
    [Fix] TS Muxer: Muxer would not retain same as source PIDs when source had multiple audio streams.
    [Fix] H.264: Seek problems and application could hang due to revised buffer management (broke in 733).
    [Change] H.264: (VRDPro) Added reporting of AFD code on Tools>Show Program Info when AFD is in an SEI block.
    [Fix] Profiles: (VRDPro) allow 4K 3840x2160 video resolution in the profile grid.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-07-16)
    [Enhancement] Vlist combine: If file list contains a file with a .rec or .trp extension it will be the first file in the .VLst rather than the last.
    [Critical Fix] Authoring DVD from Batch will crash
    [Fix] AAC audio: Fixed demuxer to handle very short ( <16 byte) AAC frames.
    [Fix] Frame rate change: Frame rate change can trigger sync issue or dropped audio frames if interlaced source switches field cadence.
    [Fix] GUI: When saving via the joiner, the default output profile should be based on the joiner output, not the file open in VRD.
    [Fix] H.264 output: H.264 decoder outputting duplicate IDR frame when previous frame is an I - frame.
    [Fix] H.264: Better detect topfield / bottom field flag if frame is interlaced and pic_struct is missing. Reduces field on recode.
    [Fix] H.264: File with 10 second GOPs isn't increasing minimum buffer sizes automatically.
    [Fix] MPEG: Insert an extra MPEG1 Layer 2 audio frame at start of file during playback with very high bit rate (35 Mbps) MPEG2 TS.
    [Fix] Playback: Unable to display video if encoded display width is not a multiple of 4.
    [Fix] ffMpeg: Memory leak when saving H264 MP4 or MKV files.
    [Enhancement] SDI output: (VRDPro) Added T>O>SDI, audio playout option: none, all, primary, primary + matching codecs
    [Fix] H.264: (VRDPro) Stream internal display shows incorrect GOP flag when POC_type = 2, there are embedded I frames with SPS/PPS.

    TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-06-20)
    [Enhancement] Captioning: Added 608/708 caption preservation when re-coding to H.264 using Intel QuickSync.
    [Enhancement] GUI: Czech and Russion translations added.
    [Enhancement] Output: Improve conversion of 25i/29.97i to 50p/59.94p. Select Interlacing: Auto or BOB.
    [Enhancement] Profile: New option "Force interlace". Profile dialog changed from "Deinterlace mode" changed to "Interlacing"
    [Enhancement] Profile: To better quality when converting 720p to 1080i by interlacing successive frames rather than dropping every other frame
    [Enhancement] Video only: Support for files that don't have any audio tracks. Works with MP4, MOV, MKV, etc. Not ES, PS, or TS.
    [Enhancement] Vlist combine: If file list contains a file with a .trp extension it will be the first file in the .VLst rather than the last.
    [Change] Audio: Added support for ingesting PCM audio with sampling rates of 22,050 / sec.
    [Change] GUI: Resized the Tools>Options window to fit more options on the left without scroll bars.
    [Change] MP4 muxing: When recording to H.264 (at 1080i), MediaInfo reported variable frame rate instead of constant.
    [Fix] Audio output: Audio with sampling rate of 22.05 Kbps was being treated as no audio found.
    [Fix] Captioning: 608/708 captions corrupted on re-code to H.264 when source is 720p and source has repeat frame flags.
    [Fix] DV video: Not picking up the correct field order for DV and DVPro video.
    [Fix] H.264 Smart edit: Possible stall when joining files if the SPS picture order type switches from 0 to 2.
    [Fix] H.264: Smart editing could pixellate at cut start if PPS values changed from previous segment.
    [Fix] Output: Re-coding an MPEG2 1080i with 1:1 aspect to H.264 1080i @ 16:9 resulted in pillar boxes.
    [Fix] Project files: MP4 AAC, aacAudioSpecificConfig value was not being saved in the project file causing potential joiner issues if project / joiner file was re-opened.
    [Change] SDI output: (VRDPro) SDI options moved from Tools>Options>Playback to it's own page: Tools>Options>SDI Playout
    [Fix] Audio: (VRDPro) Fixed support for Vela Audio. Now correctly ingested as single 1 x 8 channel stream rather than 4 x 2 channel streams.
    [Fix] MXF: (VRDPro) File duration and frame count are being reported as one extra frame.
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