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Thread: audio sync not OK after audio conversion by VRD

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    TO deal with spike use the compression option. That will get rid of the spikes. Then you can normalize to get the average level where you want it. I'd recommend using PCM output for the intermediate step so that you can retain maximum quality before finally compressing to AAC.
    Dan Haddix

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    Thanks, I had already tried something along those lines in the AAC world, which was what brought me to the lip-sync difficulties.

    Moreover, although normalisation (defeated by spikes) and plain gain do work as predicted, I can't persuade audio compression to work at all, either on H.264/AAC files or on MPEG2/AC-3 files; it does a dual pass but doesn't apply compression (

    Incidentally, I tried out LKFS normalisation in a demo of VRD Pro but this too was defeated by spikes.

    To smooth the workflow and avoid lip sync problems, in the context of the new generation of H.264 and 5.1 broadcasts, maybe TVSuite now needs an ability to combine down-mix and LKFS normalisation with spike clipping, into the one transcoding step?

    Should I post these points in new thread(s)?

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