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Thread: What is the best way to join multiple DVD VOB files?

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    Default What is the best way to join multiple DVD VOB files?

    What is the best way to join multiple DVD VOB files?

    On a DVD, VOB files contain the audio and video material. The DVD specification limits each individual VOB file to maximum length of 1GByte. During the DVD authoring process, the authoring program will automatically split large MPEG files into separate 1GB VOB files. In order to reconstruct the original program as a single MPEG file, it is necessary to join, or combine, two or more VOB files. There are four ways to join these files:

    Using TVSuite to import titles from a DVD: This method is the most convenient. Simply click on the menu: Open Title from a DVD. The titles available on your DVD will be listed and you can select the title you prefer.

    Using the "combine" feature in VideoReDo: This method works very well and is the preferred technique for non-copy protected DVD files. To combine the multiple VOB files into one file for editing:
    a) Copy the desired VOB files from the DVD to your hard drive.
    b) In VideoReDo click on File>Open (or the Open button).
    c) Highlight all the VOB files starting with VTS_xx_01.VOB. Where xx is a number such as 01 to 09. Do not include VIDEO_TS.VOB or VTS_xx_00.VOB if present.
    d) Click on the Open button. If you are prompted to "Combine" or "Join", select the "Combine" option.
    VideoReDo will open each the VOB files and logically combine them into one large virtual VOB file.
    FOr further details, please refer to the How To Guide:

    Using the Windows copy command: Because the VOBs are simply split files created from previously contiguous larger file, you can reconstruct the larger file using the window copy command. To do this:
    a) Open a cmd window using the Windows run command.
    b) cd to the folder containing your VOB files.
    c) At the command line, enter a command similar to:
    copy /b vob1.vob + vob2.vob + vob3.vob outputFile.mpg

    This will concatenate multiple VOB files into one output file. Note: Please don't forget the /b switch.

    Using DVDDecryptor: DVDDecryptor in IFO mode has an option to combine all the VOB files for a program as a single large VOB file when it copies them to the hard drive. Since a program like DVDDecryptor is the fastest way to transfer VOB files to your hard drive., this is probably the easiest way of creating a single large VOB file. For additional information, please see this How-To guide

    If have problems editing the file created by either the copy command, or DVDDecryptor, we recommend running VideoReDo's Tools>QuickStream before editing.
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