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    There is still a problem in the Output Profiles Audio Processing section. (see previous post) Can this be fixed please ?.
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    Thank you for reply. I have finally managed to get VRDPro-6-92-11-823a working (see other post re-batch manager). However the fault I indicated above is still not fixed correctly. The raise/lower volume level can now be increased above 0db, but any value set reverts to 0db when the profile is...
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    Batch manager and renewal problem

    I posted Monday about the batch manager not working after installing VRDPro-6-92-11-823a. I have just purchased an upgrade key for VideoPro 6 from VideoPro 5. The already installed version of VRDPro-6-92-11-823a was now giving the expired/upgrade message with the license screen. I simply...
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    Batch manager is not working !. Fails with unspecified error, then the license screen is displayed. VideoReDo is left running and has to be closed via task manager. When loaded using main interface the video's render without a problem. No errors shown !. I have 2 days left of nine day trial.
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    There is a problem in the Output Profiles Audio Processing section. With Processing algorithm set to raise/lower level, the level can be lowered but not raised above 0 db. As I almost always have to raise the level of video's from my old HDPVR by 5-10db this is an essential setting. Can this...
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    VRD Pro 817a

    I have this problem with standard 720p h264 encodes !!!. Also getting muxer output errors. All problems appeared after installing 817a !!!. Using Handbrake or version 5 pro completes encodes perfectly.
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    The information has been there until very recently (I often refer to it !). I think VRDTVS-6-60-6-810a was around the time it vanished. Why remove it ? Can it be put back please ?
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    Thanks for 811d version. Another quick question: The tagged information of encoded video's no longer includes the Encoding settings used. Has this information been omitted on purpose ?. This information is very useful when reviewing and comparing old encodes.
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    Video Encoding parameters is missing from advanced tab !!!.
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    Version 6 should not have been marked as RTM

    Information would be helpful. I have searched for information w.r.t. NVENC , with little success. What is available, is often either out of date, vague, irrelevant, or just plain gibberish. The VRD team would know how it has been employed as far as VRD is concerned. Can they make the...
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    Version 6 should not have been marked as RTM

    OK, I now understand what has been done with the crf scale. However if the crf is not implemented by NVENC in the same way, what comes out will not make sense, and it doesn't appear to !. Are the speed setting's you refer to, the encoder preset scale (9 settings) ?. NVENC has 12 encoder...
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    VideRedo Pro version 5 not Working after installing Beta version 6

    My problem with vrd 5 pro license de-activating, was solved by e-mail support from Dan. I won't try to explain the procedure, it involved entering long codes generated by VRD's license code generator. Anyway thanks to DAN and his help, my VRD 5 pro is working again. I won't be trying...
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    Version 6 should not have been marked as RTM

    By experimenting with different setting, we are assuming that the parameters being changed, are actually being implemented by the hardware NVEnc. To access the hardware encoder control settings, specific instuctions have to be supplied by the software control program (VRD encoder). I am...
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