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    No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream

    Hi, I'm using the latest 758b beta build and now continually receive a "No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream" error message. I have "Ignore Transport Stream Maps" ticked in the options but it makes no difference. I'm opening a TS file recording by the Plex DVR but previous...
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    Hi all, I've spent a long time trying to find the answer to this problem, but the few threads I've found on the web seem to answer different questions. I'm importing a DVD into VideoReDo TVSuite (latest version) and saving the main movie file out as an MPEG. Whatever I do the resulting files...
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    Dreaded "Mpeg stream error: Open error for DVR-MS output"

    Looking through these forums it seems this error message encompasses a multitude of sins, but no one seems to have experienced it under the same circumstances as myself. I am trialling V4.20.6.610 and trying to save an imported wtv file as wtv having cut out some of the content. When I try to...
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