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    Batch agreement allways on.

    How can I make the queu to batch is allways on aswell in run to edit as when a joiner job must be done?
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    Error in stream avoid starting, how to avoid the not starting?

    Hello, In a few recordings are some errors in the original stream. Since I want to use VRPro the program tells me because the error it is not possible to contniue and stops. How can I make VRpro to start anyway so even a stream with some errors are nog lost copletly? And so I can cut and edit...
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    Error ignore

    Hello, Is there a way to make VRD ignore whenever there's a error in the sourcefile? It is in my intention VRD Skip the bad frames and go on with the action as before. BTW The repairtool inside VRD is not able to repair the errors. And, the files are way to large for sending to VRD support...
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    Constant batch file?

    I allready posted the question and at that moment it was not primary for the developers. Now, i like to ask them again, because using the keycombi ctrl+B is not always easy for me, and using the mouse is every time when I ad a job to the cue an extra klick klick, and it helps to break my wrist...
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    Problems ar up more than I like.

    The last day's its is very frequent a bloblem pop up notice is showen on the screen. See text: Problem encountered durig output! Graph abort in: Output muxer, error TS Muxer Error, P? acket data buffer is full. Mux rate may be too low. And a "ok" button. What is to be done to avoid this...
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    Enable and disable a few things?

    Hallo Group, I would like to enable a few things in Videoredosuite. First, enable the confirmation for batch editing. What i mean, is that I am looking for a way that I can make a choise to enter the things to be editted into the batchfile, but in a way I do not have to comfirm this every time...
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