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    Issue with joiner when normalizing audio

    I have encountered a problem with the joiner in V6. It persists into beta 808. When I join two files and invoke audio normalization, the joiner skips the first file and joins two copies of the second file. I have tried a few input and output formats and get the same results every time. No...
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    Bonus capability

    Yesterday VRD helped me out of a jam through a capability that others may find useful. I'd made a 4GB WAV audio file that represented more than 1.5 hours of high-res recording. UNfortunately the resulting file ended up with an error of some kind. It may have been a disk copy error, but every...
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    Hauppauge Capture stable now?

    I have posted here before about my experience with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 for video capture. Basically I have been looking for a way to not have to run QSF for nearly every file I edit in VRD. I am happy to report that the current version of the Hauppauge Capture software, 34057, is working...
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    Perhaps an audio normalization problem

    I found an odd behavior in that seems related to audio normalization. It's so obscure that I was reluctant to post, but I figured this is why you have beta releases. I have a .ts file of about 7GB from a Hauppauge 1212. Video is H.264, audio is AC3 5.1. (NB. Audio is all 6ch; there...
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