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    Audio streams - standardized?

    Regarding the different audio streams (x80, x81, etc). I've always used x80, not knowing why or what "x80" means ... or even if there IS a standardized definition for these "x" streams. Is there? Is x80 always "English" ... and is it the proper stream to select? What do these identifiers mean?
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    Why (still) No Support For Multi Angles?

    I'm generally pretty darned happy with VRD+. However, somewhere between 10% and 20% of the DVDs I wish to rip are recorded with multiple angles, and the version of VRD+ I have fails consistently with these. I've downloaded a freeware solution that also works fine (VOB2MPG) and suffers no...
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    clsoed captions .... re-re-redux

    Hi Dan Have not been able to get english captions on QS saves. Here is an example using X-Men 1st class: About 10 minutes into this movie there are scenes in German with english subtitles. I've taken my original DVD and decrypted it to HD. Playing the VOBs from the hard drive correctly...
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    MPEG2 encode?

    New user. Have a few hundred DVDs (unencrypted) of downloaded TV shows, 2 episodes to a DVD. All I want to do is rip them to my HD in a decent format. There are currently 1,500 or so movies ripped with another program, but it was having audio sync. difficulties so I abandoned it in favor of...
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