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    HD-PVR (1) replacement suggestions please

    Hi! Well it happened. After years and years of problem-free service, my Hauppauge PVR up and died on me. This is the first place I'm coming to to seek advice on a replacement as VRD has been flawless and equally problem-free in producing great copies of my favorite TV shows. I see there are...
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    Quick question regarding 595

    Seems pretty straight forward. I should delete that file, yes? I ask only because after removing it I was expecting VRD to create a new one but it didn't. I do see an updated profile listing in the program so I suspect I'm ok... but I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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    Windows 7 Premium vs Pro

    Hi hi Apologies if already discussed. I'm in the air about which version of W7 to get. Until recently I was set on getting Pro but as release day approaches I'm considering just getting Premium and saving some cash. The only thing in Pro that I think I would want is XP Mode. So, seeing as VRD...
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    Different kind of thumbnail "problem"

    I've searched, and kept my eye on the forums for a little while now, but every mention of thumbnail problems I found refers to Media Center. My problem is different. Mine has to do with folder thumbnails. Most of the time with larger videos/programs, the edited file (MPEG) will not show a...
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    TV Card advice

    I've been shopping for a TV card and have narrowed it down to 2 and would GREATLY appreciate any advice. :) I'm currently using a USB stick for OTA, and am actually happy with it. Or, at least, happy enough. But for Analog and QAM cable I would like to pick up either Hauppauge's HVR-1600 or...
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    DVD Menu Buttons

    TV Suite No way to sugar coat this one, the "buttons" when creating a DVD menu aren't pretty. The ability to add a background image is great but the circles around the titles take away from any work you might put into creating a nice background. Underlining the text/title is one option that...
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    Maintain aspect ratio help

    From the Help file: Maintain aspect ratio: If you check this box, then you change one dimension the opposite dimension is changed to maintain the original aspect ratio of the video. For example if you expand the video in the vertical dimension (top or bottom), the horizontal dimensions will...
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    Vista Media Center, no signal

    Hello I picked up VRD this week, great program. My question, though, has to do with Vista's Media Center. I'm just wondering/hoping someone knows what could be wrong. Currently I use a USB TV tuner for OTA HDTV. I had been using the software that came with it to record programs but when I saw...
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