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    Is there a Roku "profile?"

    I had one working for awhile on an earlier version of VRD TVSuite 4, but it stopped working. I've tried most of the profiles that came with it. Here's a list of file types it will play.
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    Any way to process AVI files?

    I'm using Video Redo TVSuiteV4.20.6.614 . Was wondering if there is any way to process AVI files yet, or do I have to put them through Handbrake or something first?
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    how do I find my activation key?

    I had to reinstall my OS and can't find the registration code I need to activate VideoRedo TVSuite 4. I have another copy running, but the activation key isn't listed anywhere. I also can't get access to my old saved emails because the stupid Easy Transfer thingy wants the password from my old...
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    VRD TVSV4 crashing.

    I have never had this problem before. I'm trying to convert an H.264 transport stream to MP4, and VRD suddenly won't get through the conversion. (Well, just the change to a different container.) I've tried restoring my system to a point before the trouble started happening, but it's still...
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    Can I Quickfix and cut/convert in the same batch file?

    I've found that I get better results if I run the Quickstream Fix first before before using the project file to cut out the ads and convert to 720p MP4. However, I wonder if there's a way to do that whole process sequentially in the same batch file, possibly on a number of different videos? It...
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    Is this file ruined?

    Feeling that I had to convert an H.264 SageTV file to mpg in order to edit it in VideoRedo I discovered after deleting the original file that the last half of the video was seriously out of sync. I'm not sure whether this happened during the SageTV conversion, or whether it happened while...
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    So, am I buying Version 3 or Version 4??

    After downloading the trial I just assumed that H.264ACS (the native SageTV output format) wasn't supported by VideoRedo, but apparently the download isn't even the latest version. Why isn't there any information about this on the "free download" site? It would help if people understood that...
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