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    Mpeg stream error

    Info is attached (a picture saves 10 0000 words) Gen
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    Mpeg stream error

    Mpeg stream error Äudio Packet without a sync word is an error message received when working with a .ts file. Using very latest version 6 Any suggestions for fixing? Thanks for reading
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    Quick Stream Fix +ts files:

    When attempting to fix .ts files I see a message "Öutput file is invalidWhich Output profile should I be using? I'm using V 6.61 Thanks for reading Genevieve
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    Update to Current Version 6

    I Purchased Version 6.60. 10. 816 March 2 2020 on October 23, 2019. The key issued for that purchase will not active the latest version I have installed. What to do? Genevieve
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    Export profiles

    Am upgrading to a new computer. How do I export my profiles to use on the new 'puter? Genevieve
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    continually "hanging"/ not responding

    File types are ts profile used is MPEG-2 Transport Stream Operating system Windows 10, occurs when I attempt to cut a designated section Genevieve
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    continually "hanging"/ not responding

    VideoReDoTVSuite5 is continually "hanging"/ not responding. Have suspended anti virus program to no avail. Suggestions/ recommendations/comments welcome Genevieve
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    A dvd burning program that retains the teletext and does .ts> DVD format

    I have a .ts file compete with teletext "File: Name :EDITED.ts Size : 5.654 GB Duration : 02:53:51.03 Mux type : TS Stream Video...
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    Where is the log file?

    Where is the log I can read it?? Thanks Gen
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    Convert to Standard Definition +PAL

    For various reasons I'd like to be able to convert .ts files to .mp4 using Standard definition and PAL settings. Is this possible? If so (please say YES!) Thanks muchly Gen
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