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    Changing display resolution height?

    I can´t recommend using handbrake for ripping DVD and make cuts with VideoReDo. I have try a lot of different settings in Handbrake and everytime the file gets corrupt after cutting with VideoReDo at certain cut point. The video plays at the beginning with small, glitching artefacts in...
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    Changing display resolution height?

    Thank you very much for all the answers, I have not really thought that I will get these problems. I used handbrake with the settings Anarmorphic: Loose and get different outputs sometimes it was height 480 and now sometimes 478, width was always different too, the other source was already...
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    Changing display resolution height?

    Hello, I wanted to know it is possible to change the output display height? My source is MP4 X264 640*480, I can change the width to any value that I want, like 708 but when I try to change the height from 480 to 478 it is don´t working for me and the output will be 480 again I using the option...
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    Rencode files to match main source file?

    Solved the problem it was because of variable framerate. Topic can be closed
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