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    Siemens M740AV replacement for MP4 in France

    Hello, Excuse my English, that is certainly not academic I own a Siemens M740AV set top box for years in France. This adaptor has two DVB-T tuners and allow to record video on a NAS via RJ45 network connection. (programmed recording, time shift, decoding with TV interface). This set top box...
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    Two functionalities

    Hello, I am using VideoReDo Plus for years now, and I am going to upgrade to VideoReDo TVSuite. I tried it, and burn a DVD, and I found two "things" that are missing : 1 Introduction Video It is interesting to add an "introduction video" on the DVD, that is played as soon as the DVD is loaded...
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    Size of MPEG2 Files

    Hi, I Need your Help to understand something that is strange.:confused: I use VideoReDo for months now to convert DVB-T records made with my M740 AV into MPEG files. these MPEG video are 544x576 4:3 format. To be able to watch them on my DVX-500E networked DVD player I need to resample them...
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