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    Dan et al, With everyone (me very much included) always pointing out what is wrong with VRD or how we would like it to do this or that I thought it worthwhile to throw out some praise. I downloaded the .600 release today and I'm happy to report that I could finally open a .WTV file that had...
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    RPC error in vp.vbs

    Hello, I've run into a Remote procedure call error in the vp.vbs script on - Jan 25 2010 AVP-On running on my Win 7 x64 system. The full text of the error is: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoReDoTVSuite4\vp.vbs(88, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: The remote server machine does not...
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    New v4 w/h264 download doesn't appear to be avail

    Dan et al, The download file (V4 TVSuite dated 2010-01-14) in the download lin in the (Getting started with VideoReDo TVSuite V4 with H.264) thread either isn't available or the server is overloaded. When I click on the link it fails to the the file information stating "Unable to open this...
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    Hauppauge HD-PVR Feedback

    All, I'm considering buying a Hauppauge HD-PVR. I like the specs and what I see. I'm hoping that some of the good folks on this forum who already have made the leap would provide a little feedback on their experiences/satisfaction. I understand that I'm stuck without a decent editing option...
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    Stream Errors

    Hello, VideoRedo TV Suite is a great tool. I use it on my VMC machine and have been very happy with it. However, lately I am seeing a problem cropping up more and more often. When I'm editing video files it seems that commercials are wreaking havok (causing issues such as 'Problem while...
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    Error code in vb.vbs for exceptions

    Hello, I'm working on a script that will call quickstream fix via vb.vbs (cscript //nologo "%VRDAppDir:"=%\vp.vbs" "%Src:"=%" "%Dest:"=%" /t1 /na /q). I've got that part of the script working just fine but I'd like to be able to capture the return code from vb.vbs and redirect the script based...
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