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    "There was an error contacting the server" Msg at launch.

    I can't see it, can you post the full comments and quote(s) please ?
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    "There was an error contacting the server" Msg at launch.

    Me too. But only if I check for updates. Under "Options" Startup there's a drop-down for "Never" to check for new releases (at startup ?). And a couple of tick boxes, you can choose "Check Daily" (I untick) and "Request Permisssion" (I tick). I gather these are per-user settings. Similar for...
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    H.264 Encode Speed and Batch Manager issues

    Thank you for the top tip ! I've just done the same.
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    Is TVSuite V6 worth the upgrade over V5?

    Not for me. However V6 occasionally hangs in QSF (gets to 100% but never completes). Do a QSF in V5 on the same file and it works.
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    Is TVSuite V6 worth the upgrade over V5?

    Yes, a lot, too numerous to list. You'll never look back :)
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    latest beta QSF fails to finish on security camera h.265/mp4

    Hello. The latest beta QSF stalls on this video (h.265/mp4) from a security camera. It is a frequent occurrence with videos from this source. QSF (match source, XML below) starts and then after a bit the displayed time remaining just starts to zoom up and it never finishes. I'm about to submit a...
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    Graphics Interface ver 4 vs ver 6

    OK, yes it does. Although ... square buttons vs round buttons for notionally the same underlying "actions" - perhaps some functionality may be in the eye of the beholder :) I do understand such things are important to some people, even if in the old IT shop days such stuff used to be viewed as...
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    Graphics Interface ver 4 vs ver 6

    Also, just for flavour ... I'd prefer they concentrate dev resources on enhanced/new functionality ;)
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    Which algorithm are you using for Smart Deinterlace?

    Nice. DG produces good gear. IIRC ? he also has an nvidia gpu accelerated yadif for avisynth, and related deinterlacers, which are perhaps unusable in your context being nvidia/avisynth centric.
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    Should I really upgrade from version 5 to version 6? Version 5 is pretty good.

    perhaps consider having a look at the change logs for v6 over time ... it's being maintained with bugs being fixed ... this is the best reason you'll see to upgrade, same as for all other software on the planet ;) it talks h.265 and has a range of other features and there's bound to be a page...
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    new version released -

    OK. I must have missed it somehow (even though I keep an eye out) ;) Still, a post would also be helpful to some, may I suggest.
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    new version released -

    Version: Last Update: September 22, 2021 source: I wonder if it would help your customers (especially beta downloaders) if a note were placed in the link below whenever that happens (otherwise they will not know when an update has been...
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    VideoReDo TVSuite V6 beta: v6.62.4.830a dials home

    Eeeek. Please tell me it isn't so.
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