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    sequence header not found after a seek

    sequence header not found after a seek - this is the error message I receive when I try to open the file to edit. Is there a guide or quick reference to review to learn more about error messages, or is the forum the best way to find answers? I was unable to locate any prior threads that...
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    Batch Processing Stops Processing

    If a single video file is added to the the batch processor, it runs successfully. If two or more of the same type of video files are placed into the batch processor, the 2nd file runs to 99% completion and stops, no errors, not popup window, just hangs. My product version/product is VideoReDo...
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    Yellow Exclamation Error or LargebufferMalloc:no more memory

    I am using VRD to test video files that play fine before using VRD, but when the file is edited in VRD two types of errors occur: If saving in the original file type of MP4 an error dialog pop up is display that provides no error code or information, just a pprompt to abort, this happen almost...
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    Double Speed Video Output

    I am using the trial version with H.264 to determine if I should upgrade from TVStuite. The problem is that all the video source files (MP4) are playing at double speed when the files have been saved as either MP4 (with edits). I also tested with two other output filetypes of WMV and MPG and...
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    DVD menu titles not clickable

    Recently the DVDs I have been creating are no longer working. They appear but when you click on the titles, they do not play. Tried windows media player, HP DVD player, Intervideo player, and stand alone dvd players. This just started occuring in the last few weeks. Not aware of any changes...
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