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    Are TiVo recordings playable on other devices?

    I'm considering buying a TiVo Roamio to replace my Windows 7 Media Center setup. Currently I remove commercials from my WTV recordings using VRD, save them to my unRAID NAS, and play them on a few Raspberry Pi 2s running Kodi. Will I be able to continue using this (or a similar) workflow with...
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    Info of batch processed files displays wrong icon

    I ran 7 files through the batch manager today and I noticed a glitch when I viewed the output processing details for all of the files at once. One of my files had some audio resync errors, so it had a yellow exclamation mark next to the file name; the problem is the file below it in the list...
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    Variable Bitrate H.264 M2TS

    I'm trying to convert some MPEG-2/AC3 WTV recordings to Blu-ray and/or AVCHD discs and I've found that Roxio Toast on my Mac prefers M2TS files over MKV files (it always wants to reencode the MKV files). However, when I save using the "H.264 M2TS" profile, the file is encoded with a constant...
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    QuickStream Fix downsides?

    I've noticed that running a file through the QuickStream Fix is often the first suggestion made in this forum whenever someone has a problem. It makes me wonder, are there any downsides to running all of my files through the QuickStream Fix before working on them? I'm editing MPEG-2/AC3 WTV...
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