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    How do I go back to the regular version?

    I purchased VideoReDo from Hyper Reality & registered my Key number in November 2005. I updated a couple of tomes without any problems. I then tried a couple of Beta versions. These told me they were beta version & would soon expire. Today it told be the version I had, had expired & that I...
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    2 general qestions

    There is often a variety of different programs used to alter Dvds including, Menu Shrink,DVDShrink etc. Is there any available applications which will pass on precessed data onto the next program what you wish to do something? Frame serving I think it's called. Is there any available program...
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    Join VOB files & keep chapter points?

    I know that there are a few tools available including this one for joining together VOB files. Can any of them join them together & still retain any chapter marker points they originally had?
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    Saving selected stream

    If I click on an MPEG2 file to open it I have to 'select stream' before I can hear the audio. Is there some way to save my choice for the next time. I can't recall having this problem before so I must have upset some setting. This program has a multitude of different ways to move though video...
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    Elementary streams & subtitles

    When you save an edited TS stream to elementary streams you end up with a MPV & MMPA files for your video & audio. At this stage is the original subtitle data still in the file or has it been dropped? If its still in the files can it be extracted in any way so that they can be used for...
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    Opening DVD file using DVD Decryptor

    I downloaded from this site a tutorial on 'how to extract video programs from a standalone DVD recorder' usin DVD Decryptor.' I have version I had an entire DVD copied onto my hard drive but when I tried to open it in DVD Decryptor I select ifo & go to source the only option that...
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    Best route from TS stream to MPEG4 files & kkep subtitles?

    What is the best route & what tools should I be using to go from a off the air transport steam to a MPEG4 file that has subtitle's either embedded or on/off switchable? I realize that this might not be possible since I can't even get VRD to create an MPEG2 file with titles even though the...
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    Missing navigation controls

    I clicked on VRD to have it open & once I had selected a file that file opened but what I didn't get were any of the navigational tools under the picture. Is this problem apt to be some switch that I have accidentally turned off or is it a problem with some other application? I'm off on...
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    Combine VOB's & retinue chapter points

    I noticed a posting on DVDShrink where it was suggested that DRD can combine VOB file & retain chapter points. Is this true?
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    Error message from Movie Factory4?

    Since I have often see Uleads' DVD Movie Factory 4 mentioned under options & I already had the program I decided to try it out with 2 MPEG2 files which were created using VRD & had come from my Topfield PVR as REC files. I then knocked out the adds & saved them as MPEG2 files. I imported both...
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    Unknown Catch error

    I normally only recode the MPEG2 stream using my ComproPro Digimate PC tuner card. I have just tried recording the fill TS stream for the first time just to see what was on offer that I could work with. I tried opening the file with VRD but couldn't. Instead I got the message 'unknown catch...
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    Using subtitles from transport stream

    Most of my files come from either my PC tuner card or else from the REC files created by my Topfield PVR. I usually just record the MPEG2 file on my PC Tuner card but if I changed this to recording the whole TS transport stream can I use VRD to somehow extract the subtitles so that they could...
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    Combining VOB sets

    I tried to open a set of VOB files & got the message suggestion that I combine VOB's into one editable file. I clicked to have this done but nothing at all appears to have happened. Should I get something to appear in the preview screen as soon as I click telling the program to proceed? I'm...
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    What happens with file size?

    I recorded a program using my PC tuner card that was 7.9GB. Using VideoReDo I cut off the head & tail of program bringing the size down to 4.7GB. I imported the progam in DVD MovieFactory 4 & added chapter points every 5 minutes. I didn't create a menu. When I went to burn it said that the file...
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    Chapter points

    I see that one option is to save chapter points at cuts or at predetermined intervals. It seems that this data isn't actually incorperated into your output file. How does one use this data in another program so that your final DVD can use this data? Can it be used for instance in Ulead's...
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