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    MKV 4K file, trying to convert but picture is greyed.

    When working with HDR videos, i always use TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 7. There i do have found a Rec2020 to Rec709 LUT which works perfectly, because its actually costum created for handling 4K HDR Blu-ray's. The costum LUT is named: Rec2020ToRec709_CSTCreativeSW Using that one i sometimes...
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    TS file to MP4 and MKV. Playback on USB stick on Samsung

    I would not use the media player that is built in to TV's at all, because they have always had some issues with various containers. I would suggest purchasing a stand alone media player instead, which you then can hook directly up to the TV or AV receiver via HDMI. These stand alone media...
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    VedoRedo V5: Transport stream output

    I recently upgraded from V4 to V5 of VideoRedo, but i noticed one thing that is missing in the V5's options: Transport stream output In V4 i used that one to manually set the Output Mux Rate higher, to avoid PTS Underflow on HDTV recordings, because i sometimes experienced that error. But when i...
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