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    VideoReDo Plus crashes when loading a Humax TS file

    Hi, I 've just bought a Humax HDR-1800T as a post-Christmas present. Imagine my excitment when I found I could FTP into it and upload the files onto my PC. I then read in a Humax forum that people where using VideoReDo to convert and edit the files into MPEG so I tried it. Sadly VideoRedo just...
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    installing VideoReDo Plus 3-10-3-609b.exe

    I have now tried several times to install this update, as recommended by the software itself but each time I get two problems: one says "Cannot find inport; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File MPEGEncoderDLL.dll error 5" then, more worrying my AVG Resident Shield program popps up...
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    changing resolution

    Some channels on Freeview transmit with a resolution of 544 x 576 pixels (3/4 D1?) and this is unacceptable to various DVD authoring tools. Would it be possible to include an option to decode the file and reencode it at the correct 720x576 (full D1)? I know this would probably take a long time...
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