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    Missing first 30 minutes (black screen)

    Hi Dan 203. Thanks for the suggestion. All recorded Files DO still play normally on TIVO. Older (4 mo.) TIVO files have no problem loading & running. Using latest available VideoRedo. Older versions of VideoRedo ((Videoredo 5) have similar problem.) Am also finding that VideoRedo will not...
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    Missing first 30 minutes (black screen)

    Perhaps I wasn't clear. The downloaded (transferred) file (via TIVO desktop) shows the first 30 minutes as black screen w/no sound when loaded by VideoRedo. After 30.00 minutes the balance of the video seems intact. This is before resaving as .mp4. Tried running Quickstream fix with no luck...
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    Missing first 30 minutes (black screen)

    Attempting to load and convert TIVO file to MP4. First thirty minutes is black screen w/ no sound. Rest of file looks good. Other converted files look fine. Verified OK on TIVO.
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    Video Redo TVSuite V5 VRDinstallwizard5.exe install error

    Wanting to move Video Redo TVSuite V5 748a to a new (for me) computer (Dell, Win7 64 bit).. Error is "Unable to execute file, VRDinstallwizard5.exe, create process failed code 5. Access is denied. Came from Norton Security. Help anyone?
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    Viewing Window shrunk with filmstrip

    I just updated from Video Redo TVSuite V4 to V5. The new viewing screen has a filmstrip and sound waves at the bottom that results in a smaller viewing window. How do I reselect the old style window without the filmstrip and sound waves? Looked in the tools options but couldn't find anything...
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    New Versions of VidepRedo result in blank or black VRD screen

    I just recently upgraded VideoRedo TVSuiteV4 to version and then to ...672. Either version results in a black videoRedo screen while sound plays OK. This occurs on my laptop, where VideoRedo TVSuite Version works fine on same machine. Occurs for both .tivo and .mpg...
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    Sync problems with older tivo files

    I have used VideoRedo with TIVO for a number of years. Am trying to use TVSuite V4 latest BETA (and 662 also) to make a DVD (or .mpg) of a program I transferred several (5?) years ago (via TIVO Desktop) and am having what appears to be sync problems (vertical roll or blocky squares). Anyone...
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