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    Magix - Hevc

    Hi all I have program name Movie Edit Pro 2021 Plus ( Magix ) Video files from GoPro Hero 8 and I want some edit ok save it to HEVC ( MP4 ) VLC play fine. I want some clean edit again in V6 but the video is very garage. All crazy pixels. I use V6 for easy quick clean edit rather then go to...
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    Can't download for VRDTVS...-21-9-680b.exe

    The link is not working ??? Please have look into it ? I have 678
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    Go Pro Hero Hd

    Will this work with this program ? I'm so love with GO PRO HERO HD mainly I watch from youtube. I also want buy 3 x GO PRO HERO HD for my scooter :D
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    How to remove CC in TS ?

    I want to know if possible to remove CC in TS file ? because I have 2 CC 1 is page 100 and 2 is page 801 and I want keep 801 but to remove 100 ? 100 is useless ( blank )
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    Ignore seem broken

    Hi My brother complain to me about massive sync. The sound do not match the video. So I test with 2 program TVSuite V4 619 and TVsuite V3 616. I use same video both same setup. Surprised that one big difference is that TVSuite V4 619 does extra massive -> Audio resync frames added This...
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    Ts Subtitle Joiner

    Hello Long story. I record from my SET BOX TV with record to USB "stick" for TS file. I find this is wonderful but it has limit 2 GB file into split video itself like data0001 data0002 data0003 etc. Firstly as test I did record over 1 hour SD from Channel 7 and ABC 1. I just join TS video from...
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    Enter Software Key is broken

    Hi I build new PC and fresh install VideoRoDo TVSuite w/H.264 614c I enter my key number there but say this may token and and switch to wizard, I put same number but the button "next" is grey out. I can 't make this key to work. :mad:
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    Export Chapter File ?

    Hey I like "Save Chapter File" but I need quick back like export chapter back in the I don't have to manual re-edit again...because I often save to DVD and versa back to mpeg to join other video so I don't have to manual chapter mark because it can take so long time. Yesterday I...
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    Standard DVD for BLU-RAY ?

    Hey stupid question - I wonder does blu-ray accept standard DVD like 720 x 576 burn into blu-ray disc ? Thanks
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    SRT SUBTITLE - Double lines ?

    Hi This is SRT file rip by Project X. I see double lines but different time but is this normal ? My sample here... 1 00:00:15,000 --> 00:00:15,048 DRAMATIC MUSIC 2 00:00:15,048 --> 00:00:17,952 DRAMATIC MUSIC 3 00:02:12,024 --> 00:02:12,096 Say, is this the moving picture ship? 4...
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    Edited for MPV

    Hi I often save as *MPV because don't want sound. I save to MPV for edited with other music for youtube etc etc I would like to able edited MPV ( MPEG II ) in VideoReDo TV ? Cheers
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    Awesome Programs.

    I'm really excited with this TV Suite. My top 3 1. VideoReDO TV Suite - Use everyday since VRD PLUS 2. DVD Shrink - Simple yet kick ass 3. NERO - Simple Friendly. 3 Programs you must not missed :D
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    Crop = Crash

    Hi Today, I upgrade to VideoReDo TV Suite because I love Crop its BRILLIANT !!!!!!!! :D Anyway when all ok save to DVD but everytime Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error to Crash ! :mad: WinXP PRO 32 bit. I just install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2005 What to do ? Any idea Please help ...
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