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    [solved] Webserver offline?

    haven't been able to connect for over a day down for over a week according to
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    Unable to open mp4 (VRD TV Suite

    Never mind - Version 6 trial opened it, so I'll just upgrade
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    Unable to open mp4 (VRD TV Suite

    Why am I unable to open the following Complete name : C:\Users\RevAd\Desktop\0015.MP4 Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID ...
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    open title from a dvd & chapters

    most often I get scene markers when I open a dvd Sometimes I don't - wondering why ...
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    No Closed Captions on Sony Blu-ray Players

    I have a Sony BDP-BX58 and a BDP-S370 Neither will display closed captions on DVDs made with VRD These units will display CC on "store bought" DVDs ... IF the connection is video (composite), OR a component connection is set to 480i (does not work on anything else) Does anyone have an...
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    Saving Closed Captions

    Just noticed that original BeyondTV mpeg files have EIA-608 CC After editing out the commercials the CC is gone. Is there anyway to preserve CC?
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    when editing H.264: program (4-20-5-600) seems sluggish, scrubber is choppy, edit is not accurate, audio is cut off at beginning. No matter how many times I save an H.264 project, it is wrong when I reopen it. After edits are made, the new H.264 file crashes...
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    Launch to DVD Burner issue

    FYI After authoring a DVD I go to "Launch to DVD Burner." I browse to the DVD source, select VIDEO_TS folder, browse to the folder and "no items match your search" This is confusing because it make you thinks there are no files there, when in fact there are, and VRD will insert the location...
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