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    Faster than realtime playback?

    Doing a simple search didn't reveal this topic, I assume this hasn't been brought up before? :) I was just editing a program that had short segments and thought to myself (while scrubbing through it)... It would be nice if I could just have this playback faster than real time rather than scrub...
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    Movie transferred to Tivo has no audio.

    I think this is a known problem, but my search efforts were fruitless so I apologize in advance... I have a movie file (Video-TS folder) that has multiple audio streams. x80 is AC-3 2 channel and x81 is AC-3 6 channel. Using VRD TVS/H.264 v4.20.7.638, I can output a file with 5.1 audio, but it...
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    More DVD authoring features?

    Allowing sub-menus would be a BIG plus. Also, how about an opening sequence option?
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    VRD crashes when trying to save .m2ts video.

    I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 camera that makes .m2ts HD videos. The files open and edit fine, but as soon as I click the "save as" button, VRD crashes. Here's what the video program info looks like: PC OS is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Any ideas? Is something in that format...
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    Thumbnail strip is bogging down.

    Using TV Suite Recently, I've been seeing a lag in the updating of the thumbnail strip, usually about half way through editing a 1 hour HD .tivo file and it gets progressively worse as I continue editing. This makes it excruciatingly slow for me to edit my programs as I use the...
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    Video x-fered to Tivo plays fine in it's entirety, except...

    The Tivo doesn't acknowledge the entire file so trickplay is useless. Background: Original file is a .tivo file transferred from TivoHD to computer. File is edited and then saved as .mpeg. The new .mpeg file transfers fine back to the Tivo. The only problem, Tivo only recognizes 11 seconds...
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    Custom profiles for TV Suite v4?

    Currently, you can select a profile and change some of the options, but not all. Are we ever going to have more control with profiles? For example, I want to encode with MP4 w/ an MP3 audio soundtrack, but the profile options doesn't let me choose MP3 for audio because it's not in the drop down...
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    ac3 vs mpeg

    I had to reinstall VRD TVS and for some reason, I can't find where to change the option to have mpeg audio displayed in blue and AC-3 audio in red. Obviously my search skills suck... Can someone refresh my memory? Thanks.
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    Got a weird one here...

    Not really a problem, just an observation. While editing the latest Heroes, I was going frame by frame to get to the first *I* frame after the first set of commercials. Once I got there, the editor jumped to the beginning of the recording. Upon advancing to the next frame, the editor jumped back...
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    General Discussion: Log File - How big is yours?

    I looked at my log file recently and man, was it long. But hey, I know when I installed the latest version. :) I don't know where to look, so I don't know how big mine is. :D Does anyone regularly clear their log files? Would there be a reason to keep the log files when you're having no...
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    Suggestion: Add more time flexibility in audio re-sync feature.

    Not that it's a big deal, but I made a video of a simple fireworks show in my neighborhood, and I wanted to sync the audio *boom* with the burst of the firework. I had to run it through VRD 3 times to cover the delay.
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    VRD TVS won't open title from DVD

    And these are DVDs burned with TVSuite. From the log: 2008-06-24 10:05:38 Decoder support lib: 5.2, ippvcw7l.lib 2008-06-24 10:05:38 Image support lib: 5.2, ippvcw7l.lib 2008-06-24 10:05:38 VideoReDo started. Licensed to: Steve614, Version: 3. 1. 4. 549 - Dec 12 2007 (00cf0062TUWXF2}...
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    VRD on TV

    I'm surfing the net and watching this show on FOX called Tech Gadgets 2008. My ears perked from a teaser before a commercial, (paraphrasing) "Watch your favorite TV shows commercial free". VRD gets a mention. The segment was short, and (if memory serves me correctly) only featured ad detective...
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    Super "C"

    I've read about this program, and have been trying to download it. Man, for a free program, they sure make it hard to find. When I finally found what I thought was the download link, all I get (using right click) is the 'Internet Explorer cannot download file. The system cannot find the...
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    Problem with video from Tivo

    Hey everybody, I recorded this show on my Tivo and loaded it into VRD+. It took longer than usual to load, and once opened, only showed 10m for the length. Opening this same file in WMP shows it to be 20m in length. Something else I found interesting while in VRD+: When I used the slider bar...
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