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    746f - AVI converted to MPEG and burned to DVD doesn't play right

    I extracted videos from my old Sony Digital8 camera to uncompressed AVI. Then I used VRD to convert the videos to MPEG2 and I burned them to DVD. I've found that my Bluray player and my Xbox 360 both will start to play the video and then probably less than a minute into the video they will start...
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    747f and before - Uncompressed AVI won't go past 8:20.15

    [Edit]Subject should be 746f. I mistyped and it doesn't let me edit the subject. As a Christmas present for my wife I'm finally getting around to extracting the video from my old Sony Digital 8 camcorder. I've found that any video will not let me view past 8:20.15. If I click in timeline or...
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    Cut audio rather than video

    I'd love to have the ability to mute the audio for a cut rather than cutting the video. I often edit shows so my kids can watch them. There are times that I want to clip out the language but the I'm forced to have a jump in the video too. I'd rather just remove the audio.
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    How do I replace a section of audio in an MPEG2 file?

    While recording a show one of those required government warnings came up on screen and muted the show. Unfortunately someone at the network must have screwed up and the show stayed muted for a good 15 minutes or so, long after the warning banner went away. I have managed to get WAV files of the...
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    Minor crash error in .740

    VRD supports the chapter files from Beyond TV (I LOVE that feature by the way). I have found that when given a chapter file with an empty cutlist it crashes VRD. To reproduce create a text file named: <video file name>.chapters.xml File contents: <cutlist /> Open the chapter file with VRD...
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    Would you mind sharing how VAP gets Beyond TV metadata from MP4 files?

    First off, I was hoping to use VAP to copy the Beyond TV metadata from one MP4 into another MP4 since VRD doesn't do that automatically with MP4s. When looking into VAP it's designed to auto-process (of course) so I didn't see a way to have it just copy the metadata after I manually edit a file...
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    737 change in output

    I reverted back to the release version (731) and it behaves correctly. Nothing else on my system or in VRD was changed and these are exactly the same files I was working with in 737. In 731 I add the file to the DVD list and create a DVD and it uses "no change" for the bitrate like it should...
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    737 change in output

    It says it in the options list even though when I look at the options it says "no change". If I change the DVD output size to a single layer DVD then it changes the bitrate to 7.07Mbps and if I change it to dual layer or folder only then it changes it to 9.5Mbps. I've been using VRD for quite a...
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    737 change in output

    I have a file that is just short of 1 hour 24 minutes. It's in MPEG 2 format recorded in Beyond TV at a bitrate of 2GB per hour. The final edited file is a bit over 2.6GB. The only changes I have mode to the settings in VRD lately are related to MP4 files as suggested in the other thread to...
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    VRD doesn't copy Beyond TV metadata when saving MP4 files

    When I edit MPG, TP and TS files it copies the Beyond TV metadata but I recently found out that it doesn't maintain that data when working with MP4 files. The new file appears to be completely missing the metadata (looked at it with a hex editor).
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    Crash on BeyondTV chapter file with no chapters (version

    I had a program record but only a few minutes recorded. When BeyondTV ran the commercial finding process there were no commercials to find so it created a .chapter.xml file that only contains <cutlist /> since there were no cuts. If I open that file with VRD or if I drag it onto VRD the app...
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    VRD gets a shoutout in one of my favorite podcasts

    In episode 506 of the Security Now! podcast I was pleasantly surprised to hear Steve Gibson give you guys a shoutout. He explained a bit about the complexity of doing frame accurate edits of MPEG files. Apparently he's been using VRD for a long time and loves it. Here's the show page...
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    Batch process cutting sometimes freezes at 99%

    I've seen this several times. When it happens I'll be processing a set of (typically) MPEG2 files and one of the files will stop in the Batch Manager at 99%. I end up having to kill the process. When I start it up again the file it stuck on will be in the completed list and the file on disk will...
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    Odd tip of the day

    My tip of the day today was: Hint: add + or - for a relative offset There's no context for where this + or - gets added. I'm sure that could be worded better so the user would at least have some idea about what it is talking about.
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    Chapter file markers get changed on further edits

    I used VRD to cut commercials from a movie. I have it set to create a chapter file automatically. The resulting file contains a chapter mark at each edit point as configured. When I started watching the movie I noticed that I had left 30 seconds of junk at the beginning of the movie so I loaded...
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