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    What is the latest official release

    According to the announcement, the last Official release was 2.5.3-500. Is that still the latest official release or is there a later one? I notice on the VideoReDo download page VideoReDoPlus 2.5.5-512a is available. Is this an official release? cheers
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    Fast Forward Button

    Something that I never realised wasn't present and i really needed before last night. Something similar top powerdvd and windvd where speeds of 2x/4x/8x/16x/32x are selectable. Hope it can be implemented Dan. Thanks
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    Problems with build 391

    when I edit out commercials or unwanted parts of digital video i now find in build 391 that the red navigation buttons at the bottom don't work properly. i can insert scene marks either manually or with ad-detective but the red navigation arrows only work in the right direction not the left...
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    .ts output filesize

    I was always of the opinion that .tp and .ts files were the same just put out by different programs. Evidentially this is not so or there is a problem with the .ts output in VRDP. I'm using build 388 with a DVICO DVB-T Plus and FusionHDTV v3.0.2 software/drivers. I recorded DV in .tp format...
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    Ulead Videostudio

    My HDTV card comes with Ulead Videostudio 8 SE for use with analogue capture. Can anyone tell me whether when using videoredo plus on video captured by videofactory, do I need to tick the Ulead Moviefactory option? cheers
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    no TS output in build 386

    I have build 386 installed but I don't see any option where I can save to TS format. How do I activate this feature? cheers
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    Build 384 doesn't display properly

    when I open a video file or project file in Build 384 VRDP only displays the video windoiw at the top, it no longer displays the Cut List on the right nor the editing tools etc in the bottom. I didn't do anything different when installing this build to any previous build. How do I get those...
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    How do I edit/dub audio?

    I have a dvd that i want to edit/dub or "sanitise" the audio so that it is suitable for my kids. I demuxed the VOB file and now have seperate audio and video files. What I need to know now is what program do i need to run the audio track through and how do I dub certain words so that the audio...
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    Problems with VOB file created with VRDP build 375

    After I record a digital TV program (SDTV) and edit the commercials with VideoReDo Plus build 375 I save it in .VOB format. Doesn't matter what I try, the resulting VOB file will not work with DVDAuthor. I use the command dvdauthore -o "F:\dvd" -x "f:\temp\BN.txt" BN.txt is the chapter file...
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    Bitrate doesn't change regardless of setting

    I'm using VRDT 374. I've noticed that when I click on "save as" -> Options -> Bitrate, it doesn't matter what value I choose, the average output bitrate is always the same. On a 65 minute HD recording VRDP saved to a .VOB at an average bitrate of 6.49Mbps regardless of whether it was set at...
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    VOB output not in spec

    I recorded a Digital TV show using my Fusion HDTV card in .tp format. I the used VRDP v2.1.0.373 to remove the commercials and save in vob DVD format. My problem is that I can't do anything with the VOB file. I tried to use TMPGenc and dvdlab pro but can't get anywhere. errors keep saying...
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