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    Muting audio in saved file

    How can I mute the audio in a saved edited file? I've adjusted audio before but something has changed. I'm using TVsuite 4 Rel 646a. I open the Tools>Adjust Audio and move the volume slider all the way to the left (-96 dB) and then click Close. The audio graph indicates that the audio is gone...
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    A speedup suggestion for commercial removal...

    Once you've used Ad-Detective to set all of your scene-markers and verified that the markers ARE at commercial transitions, I think it would save a lot of keystrokes/mouse-clicks if you could CUT the commercial block by simply double-clicking between the scene-markers of the block. It seems...
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    Question about Output Streams for captured video.

    I'm using a Hauppauge PVR-250 to capture video and there are six(6) options for setting the Output Stream of the capture... Program Stream, Transport, MPEG1, DVD, VCD, and SVCD. In one thread on this forum, I believe someone stated that Program Stream should always be used. Could someone please...
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    Audio "Completion notification" in build 362

    Seriously Dan, (OK, not really) how many hours did you guys sit around brainstorming to come up with that sound? I actually DID LOL :lol: Thankfully, you included an option to select another sound :roll: Just pulling your leg, Dan. Keep up the good work!
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    Partially garbled text in VRD installation windows.

    The text doesn't seem to wrap properly and/or erase properly between installation windows. Also, the VRD color scheme does not extend to fill the window on the right-hand side. I have a large, hi-res monitor so I'm using "Large Fonts" in Display Properties and the problem is most likely related...
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    Ad-detective suggestion

    Two suggestions, actually :) 1. Quite often, Ad-detective will mark consecutive scenes that are actually both commercials, so you'll want to remove the middle marker and combine the two blocks. Why not allow the user to remove the intervening marker(s) by just dragging the unwanted marker(s)...
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    Unable to open file with Beta 311

    I get the "Unable to Open File- Audio Corrupt Frame Header" message on files previously edited with VRD. Beta 309 opens them just fine.
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