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    Option to pin-point errors in a file.

    Consider the situation where you've got 2 mpeg recordings (from a freeview box) of a tv-movie (movie having been shown at two different times). Using VideoReDoPlus you remove the non-movie stuff at the start and end of the first file then save, but errors exist, dropped frames, etc. No problem...
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    Getting a error report when batching.

    (title kinda sucks but let me explain) When you save a single file and the results aren't perfect, you receive an error report detailing the dropped frames, audio icks and other stuff I can't recall. When you create a batch file with a whole bunch of scene selections for different files and...
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    Batch Manager no-echo option

    When I'm editting many files I line the edits as a batch, then edit the filenames by opening the .cmd file into notepad. This would be made much easier if I didn't first have to remove all the "echo 2/87 - Starting...." lines. I'd like the option of not including those echo lines in the saved...
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    Reinstalled and now batch is acting weird

    I reinstalled videoredo. I open an mpeg file. I set start & end selection I add scene to scene list. I do ctrl-b to add it to batch queue. Now previously, after ok-ing the filename the scene list would be cleared and I'd set about selecting another scene. But now my previous selection...
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    Keyboard shortcuts

    I've just found the keyboard shortcuts (F3/F4) for Set Selection Start/End. Being a right handed person, it would be a lot easier for me if I could change them to [1] and [2] on the RHS keypad. With Add-Selection (Ins) already being there they would be right at home there too :) Z.
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    Batch Builder - file renaming

    Just before I save+execute my batch of multiple edits of a file I'd like the option of changing any of the destination filenames. Since I can always do my renaming afterwards I guess this won't be high on your todo list - but it'd make things a little easier if the option was there. :)
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    Adding text to the video

    Please excuse if this has already be suggested... I'd like to be able to add some text to the bottom right corner of the vid to kinda indicate it was me who made it. Z.
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