VideoReDo Pro 6 - Beta Version VRD Pro 6-93-7-836a (Released 2022-03-24)

VideoReDo Pro 6 Beta version. This download resource is for VideoReDo Pro only, if you're looking for the current TVSuite beta, visit: https://www.videoredo.net/msgBoard/index.php?resources/videoredo-tvsuite-v6-beta.3/

To download, click the orange "Go to Download" button located at the upper right of this page.

☆☆☆ IMPORTANT: This is the new Version 6 with permanent V6 keys. If you are running VRDPro Version 5, and have a support agreement or purchased your license after September 1, 2019, email us at sales@videoredo.com for your new complimentary Version 6 key. To purchase an upgrade, please visit: Purchase Upgrade.

To evaluate this version, please use this time limited evaluation key: ZrIEj-2dXND-XZ4Fn-DWjaw-xeq7M-1SnVP

Major fixes and changes in this release:

VideoReDo Pro V6 - (Released 2022-03-24)

[Fix] HEVC: Transitions weren't working when saving from the joiner.
[Fix] H264/HEVC: Dissolve transition using smart editing with mid-point less than 0.5 results in some incorrect frames.
[Fix] H264: Using 64-bit software encoder can hang near end of file when source video has teletext.
[Fix] Batch: Batch broken in 835a, fixed in 835b.
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