VideoReDo Pro 6 - Beta Version 6-92-9-818a (May 5, 2020)

VideoReDo Pro 6 Beta version. This download resource is for VideoReDo Pro only, if you're looking for the current TVSuite beta, visit: https://www.videoredo.net/msgBoard/index.php?resources/videoredo-tvsuite-v6-beta.3/

To download, click the orange "Go to Download" button located at the upper right of this page.

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This key will extend the beta through the July 1, 2020: PvIUg-0fKCA-IZ4Fj-4Wnac-veq2M-cs642

This key still requires an active Version 5 license key be installed for VideoReDo Pro.
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Help! This version has expired already. As far as I know this is the latest release. How do I make it work?
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