VideoReDo Pro 6 - Beta Version VRD Pro 6-92-13-829a (2021-03-19)

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2021-03-19)
[Enhancement] Stream information: (VRDPro) Display first and last time codes for imported MCC files.
[Enhancement] Chapter marks: Add additional formatting options for chapters.
[Change] Chapter files: Revert chapter text file to be like V5 and use windows line endings (\r\n) instead of just \n. Also removed BOM.
[Fix] Uncompress stream: Log program info of source file in output for output. Previously only done with MPEG2, H264, HEVC
[Fix] LATM AAC: No audio PID message if TS packets too small to contain an entire LATM AAC frame.
[Fix] H.264: Memory allocation errors if the picture size > 4K and system has more then 12 processor threads.
[Fix] Frame capture: Issues with frame capture if the picture width is > 4096 pixels. Now allows capture up to 8192.
[Fix] Keyboard shortcuts: Assigning a short cut to "Select thumbnail interval" does NOT show option parameter in shortcut HTML listing.
[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Audio headers not written if an audio stream is present in the source, but missing in the output segments.
[Fix] WTV Files: Language code display in Show Program Info was incorrect due to incorrect unicode conversion.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2021-02-04
[Enhancement] Profile editor: PCM audio now allowed in M2TS files
[Enhancement] COM: Added new script, join.vbs to illustrate how to use the joiner from COM.
[Change] Activation: If activation fails, display a button to allow the user to open the log file.
[Change] COM: Separate versions of vp.vbs and join.vbs for Pro and TVSuite that use the correct COM names for the specific product.
[Change] GUI: Output completion window is now resizeable in case the output file name is very long.
[Fix] Profile editor: Advanced audio streams, not clearing list of removed audio streams causing unwanted streams in output file.
[Fix] Profile editor: The max bitrate wasn't loading into the dialog correctly if set to No Limit
[Fix] Profile editor: Video cropping dialog could display twice once after editing and then again after that.
[Fix] Default profiles: Interlaced mode set incorrectly causing interlaced rather than progressive output.
[Fix] File save dialogs: Recode icons were being cropped by a pixel causing right edge of icon to get chopped off.
[Fix] H264/HEVC encoders: Removed extra new lines in the log file written by the 64-bit external encoders.
[Fix] HEVC: Very long GOPs (>= 250 frames) can stall output due to buffers being full.
[Fix] Joiner: Adding title to the joiner may result in intermittent failure when saving to MP4 files.
[Fix] Joiner: Bad joins if the longest file being joined is shorter in duration than other joined files & scenes exceed that duration.
[Fix] Profile editor: Audio bitrate not loaded correctly for editing when the audio was set to AC3.
[Fix] Profile editor: Audio normalization options not saved correctly

[Enhancement] Stream internals: (VRDPro) Added new tab "MPEG2 start codes" when source video is MPEG2. For each frame shows start code offsets
[Fix] ProRes: (VRDPro) Marrying an SCC or MCC file into a ProRes video didn't work.
[Fix] RDD11 to userdata: (VRDPro) Would hang when there was pre- and post-title blocks.
VRD Pro - Released 2020-12-11
[Change] Output profiles: Made the cropping crop dialog resizeable.
[Change] Translations: Output profile screen not displaying German diacritical in the translation file properly.
[Change] Transport stream output: Changed mux logic to make seeking of saved .ts files smoother in VLC.
[Fix] H264: Software encoding could stall on output at end of file if the system has lots of physical cores.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoder init error if there were no re-order frames. Derive from: sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 instead.
[Fix] HEVC: SmartEncoder not writing encoder parameter errors to the log file.
[Fix] Output profiles: Audio normalization values are not persisting. (Broken after build 821)
VideoReDo Pro V6 - Released 2020-11-20
[Fix] H264/HEVC encoding: External encoder could stall if there are multiple audio streams with short duration frame (e.g. DTS).
[Fix] PCM Audio: Unable to open files with 96K PCM sampling rate.
[Fix] QSF: QSF fails to output audio and some video if frame rate is 59.94 fps.
[Fix] VC-1: If source video codec is VC-1 and container is transport stream (.ts) give warning that user should convert to MKV.
[Fix] YUVStream: Secondary codecs (ProRes, VC-1, WMV) stopped working,. (Broke in 825)
VRD Pro V6 - Released 2020-11-11

[Fix] HEVC: Intelligent recording with transitions, bit rate for fade-outs set randomly, could trigger blockiness if too low.
[Fix] Output profiles: CRF profiles were not being saved in the profile list.
[Fix] Output: MP3 audio output wasn't working.
VRDPro - Released 2020-11-06

[Enhancement] Audio profiles: (VRDPro), Add additional output channels and PCM mapping to simple audio grid.
[Enhancement] MP4 output: (VRDPro) Add profile option to Advanced MP4 options to make the first PTS of the file start at zero.
[Change] MXF: (VRDPro) If output profile is automatic and output is MXF, audio codecs automatically changed to PCM @ 48KHz.
[Fix] MXF: (VRDPro) V6 not detecting caption stream (SMPTE 436M). Sometimes worked in V5.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) Simple audio, all peak settings are grayed out.
[Enhancement] DVD authoring: Added option to specify if DVD is NTSC or PAL. Previously DVD type was only determined automatically
[Enhancement] ES Muxer: Add 10 fps as a supported frame rate.
[Enhancement] Full screen playback: Hide mouse cursor during full screen playback when mouse pointer isn't being moved.
[Enhancement] GUI: Add Edit menu option to switch between cut and scene mode. Option is persistent between files.
[Enhancement] GUI: Add skin to the Output Progress dialog.
[Enhancement] Joiner/combine dialog: If opening multiple files at once, don't display the combine option if files shouldn't be combined.
[Enhancement] Joiner: Joiner now allows you join videos with different resolutions and frame rates as long their video codec matches.
[Change] Ad-detective params: Add to common parameters, "Force scenes to I-frames" (yes/no).
[Change] Chapters: In Tools>Options>Chapters, add back the checkbox from V5 to create a chapter at 0.00 in the chapters.txt file.
[Change] DVD: NTSC DVD will author always author to 29.97 FPS unless all the source files are either 23.94 or 24 fps.
[Change] DVD: Outputting 24-bit PCM to a DVD will down convert the audio 16-bit PCM.
[Change] GUI: Clear recent files/folders on Tools>Options>General didn't clear most recent files list on file menu until restart
[Change] Options: Added option for default save location to either last saved folder or source folder to Tools>Options>General
[Change] Output modules: Change the way we allocate ringBuffers in the module contstructor.
[Change] Profiles: Add to profile grid, "Force scenes to I-frames" (yes/no).
[Change] Profiles: For force transcode, default resolution should be same as source.
[Fix] DVD: DVD authoring will hang if frame rate of 1st file is 59.94 and 2nd file is 29.97
[Fix] DVD: Mixing 720p and 1080p source files on a DVD causes resizing issues on the 2nd file of the resulting DVD.
[Fix] DVD: Queuing DVD authoring to batch, fails in batch manager.
[Fix] File save: Memory corruption if the are multiple seconds of missing audio at the start of a file.
[Fix] GUI: Opening and saving a file name longer than 256 characters can cause crash.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Keyboard shortcuts description can be incorrect.
[Fix} HEVC: Fixed multiple issues with HEVC transitions and smart editing.
[Fix] HEVC output: Encoding 4K to HEVC on a 32-core system could run out of memory.
[Fix] Joiner editor: Opening joiner files (.VJnr) created in Version 5 now gives a warning message that they are not compatible.
[Fix] Joiner: Joining AAC of mixed sample rates (44.1K & 48K) creates noisy audio if sample rate doesn't match 1st file sample rate.
[Fix] MPEG2: Dual pass encoding might crash in second pass if video deinterlacer is invoked part way through the file.
[Fix] Navigation: Navigation and display could be off by one from if the frame rate is 59.94 fps and navigation distance > 50 min.
[Fix] Output status: Progress bar not working when splitting scenes
[Fix] Profiles: Manage profile dialog was not updating codec, file type or recode mode if you edited a profile.
[Fix] QuickSync & NVEnc encoding: Sync error if using either QS or NVEnc AND doing a fractional frame rate change, e.g. 23.97 to 29.97
[Fix] Save dialog: Profile list was not being updated if codec, file type or recode type was changed.
[Fix] Transitions: When recoding and transition mode is "fade", fades at internal cuts not being properly done. Dissolves OK.
VRDPro - Released 2020-09-25

[Fix] Audio: Minor memory leak of audio data when an empty audio frame requires reallocation.
[Fix] BeyondTV: Beyond TV project files didn't work with drag & drop
[Fix] EAC3: If the audio stream changes channel count from 5.1 to 2.0 during playback VRD will abort. (Dan203)
[Fix] GUI: Scrambled strings in info box when showing MB and crash when showing frame number if Windows localization values corrupt.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Shortcut keys wouldn't always update the help text or selection properly if it was filtered by search
[Fix] HEVC playback: Adjust picture timing code could crash or create wrong PTS values after smart edit due to POC LSB discontinunity.
[Fix] HEVC: Logging of encoder errors and warnings to videoredo log file wasn't working properly.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoding will create an HEVC encoding init error if too many reference frames.
[Fix] MPEG2: QuickSync encoding to MPEG2 not outputting DTS timestamp with some Intel GPUs (not clear which ones). Can stall MP4 output.
[Fix] Output Profiles: (VRDPro) Issue with LKFS and Gain couldn't be adjusted > 0.
[Fix] Output Profiles: H264 and HEVC advanced encoding options not displaying (broke in 822).
[Fix] Topfield .rec files: Generated metadata not being written correctly causing topfields to not accept .rec files from VRD.
[Fix] VRD would crash on drag & drop of ES files
This version requires a new Version 6 key. If you're running Version 5 and have a support agreement with us, please email sales@videoredo.com for your new key. Include your current V5 key in the email as some users have multiple keys. If you don't have a support agreement, you can purchase an upgrade from here: Purchase upgrade

VRDPro - Released 2020-09-05

[Enhancement] MXF: (VRDPro) Add support for MXF with H264 video.
[Change] VRDPro: Updated VRDPro to use new keys for Version 6. New startup dialog offers user a chance to get an evaluation key.
[Change] Version check: (VRDPro) Enable version checks for VideoReDo Pro. Previous versions of VRD Pro version checks were always disabled.
[Enhancement] GUI: Options for playback speed accepts prefix +/- (adds to speed), = (sets to specific speed) or no prefix for multiple.
[Enhancement] GUI: Version check will now offer to download updated version instead of referring user to a web page.
[Enhancement] GUI: When changing the playback speed, show a temporary visual indicator in the video window of the new speed.
[Enhancement] H.264/HEVC: Added 64-bit encoder support to handle 4K video on systems with more then 8 cores/threads.
[Enhancement] Playback: Add variable speed high-speed playback. Default assignable key assignments are K (slower), and L (faster).
[Enhancement] Playback: Play audio at original pitch even when playback speed has changed.
[Enhancement] Thumbnail: Shift + left click on thumbnail brings up sub-menu to select type of expansion. (Changed from 818)
[Change] GUI: Changed task dialog supporting class to use MFC's CTaskDialog. Should be transparent to users.
[Change] GUI: Converted all hard coded keyboard shortcuts to hotkey system.
[Change] GUI: Help>Show keyboard shortcuts will display user's custom shortcuts instead of original default shortcut defaults.
[Change] GUI: Tools>Options dialog now remembers last used page and default to that page when you open the dialog again.
[Change] H.264/HEVC: Speed up file opens by caching video duration from the first file open.
[Change] HEVC: If neither progressive or interlace flags are set in the SPS, then assume progressive rather than interlaced.
[Change] HEVC: When saving to MP4, don't copy extra data as part of the annex B if there is already a VPS NALU in the frame.
[Change] Install wizard: If you hold shift and ctrl down when clicking next, the check for GPU encoders is skipped.
[Change] Installer: Updated installer to Version 6, and changed settings so that the system's default language is pre-selected.
[Change] MP4 output: E-AC3 is always being recoded rather than being passed thru.
[Change] MPEG2: Change B-frame Q factor and offset to use same Q factor as P frames. Improves quality of B frames.
[Change] MPEG2: Switch mpeg2 to use non-linear quant table. Improves quality at lower bit rates.
[Change] Open video: Speed up initial video file open by reducing number of file opens from 3 to 2.
[Change] Options: Shift+Tools>Options, Increase max value of "Max GOP length (secs)" to be set up to 120 seconds from 30.
[Change] Thumbnails: Allow shift+click on a thumbnail to select center frame. Previous versions excluded center frame.
[Change] Thumbnails: If shift+click and thumbnail interval is set to single frame, change pop menu labels to simply "Move left or right"
[Change] Thumbnails: Re-worked the thumbnail frame cache to use an LRU replacement algorithm and store more frames.
[Change] Transport stream output: If TS mux rate set to auto and null packets are omit (default for TVSuite), mux plays better in VLC.
[Fix] Auto combine: Auto combine not working due to change made in the release 821.
[Fix] Cropping: Cropping not working with dual pass encoding.
[Fix] Czech: Incorrect display of audio stream selection when language is set to Czech.
[Fix] DVD: Improve overall bit rate compliance when doing single pass encoding to DVD using the software encoder.
[Fix] GUI: Remove OK button "Permission to access internet" task dialog.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>UI Style editor accidently deleted from menu. Has now been restored.
[Fix] H.264 encoding: New external encoder defaulting to BFF instead of TFF for interlaced video.
[Fix] H.264: Elementary stream muxing of 59.94 fps video triggers sync errors.
[Fix] H264: Tools>Options>H264 frame rate not honoring "Stream" setting if very close to actual container rate.
[Fix] HEVC: Check the slice header for: first_slice_segment_in_pic_flag to determine if slice is a new frame or part of previous frame
[Fix] HEVC: If max POCLsb is 65535 and GOP ends with a POC Lsb near 65535, could get memory error on next GOP.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoder will create VPS, SPS, and SPS with id values of 11 to not conflict with typical values of 0, 1, and 2.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open a file which has complex st_ref_pic_marking in the SPS.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open file due to parsing error in st_ref_pic_set read routine.
[Fix] Joiner: Joiner was not handling rotation properly when mixing videos with different source rotations.
[Fix] MKV file: TVSuite could abort when opening an MKV file if the audio language code was longer than 3 characters.
[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Reported output frame counts and video duration are double what is actually saved for H264 PAFF encoded video.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Added logic to handle situations when DTS isn't monotonically increasing. Can happen when there are lots of frame drops
[Fix] MPEG2: Advanced encoding option setting, "Use non-linear quant" wasn't being honored if set to false.
[Fix] MPEG2: Output can stall or abort if excessive removal of corrupted video frames leaves incorrect DTS setting.
[Fix] MPEG2: Updated to a faster version of the MPEG2 encoder. Performance increase up to 30%
[Fix] NVidia encoding: If GPU card doesn't support MBAFF encoding, automatically switch to PAFF.
[Fix] NVidia encoding: If output is progressive, ignore Interlace output setting (PAFF/MBAFF).
[Fix] NVidia encoding: Not adding SPS and PPS to I/IDR frames due to uninitialized variable. Broke after 816.
[Fix] Output Profiles: Setting output audio language code in TVSuite isn't being saved to the output file.
[Fix] Profiles: Quality factor adjustment details not showing in advanced profile grid. (Dan203)
[Fix] QuickSync: QuickSync not working in Build 821 for Core I5-2400/2600 CPUs.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Audio graph was sometimes not displaying all frames, especially at the right-end of the graph.
[Fix] Version check: Automatic download could stall / hang after download completes.
VideoReDo Pro VRDPro-6-92-9-818a Released 2020-05-05
[Enhancement] DVD: When recoding for DVD, default to DVD High matrix or DVD very high (>7Mbps) matrix for improved quality.
[Enhancement] MPEG2: New mpeg2 advanced option "Custom encoding matrix" to use encoding matrices that may improved encoding quality.
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: Clicking thumbnail while pressing the shift or control keys moves selected frame to left most / right most position.
[Change] GUI: File save dialog(s). Enable "save" as default button if user presses enter.
[Change] Installer: Have installer issue warning if attempting to install on XP or Vista.
[Fix] DVD: Adding chapter marks can trigger VOBU build errors during DVD muxing.
[Fix] DVD: Authoring PAL MKV H264 source at 720x360 creates DVD with bad chroma. Not setting correct output resolution.
[Fix] GUI: Crash if user refreshes file.
[Fix] GUI: Minor memory leak in save dialog.
[Fix] H.264: Improved QSF to remove fewer frames if PTS wraps back to zero and doing QSF.
[Fix] H.264: Intermittent smart encoding crash due to memory allocation failure.
[Fix] H.264: Joining with transitions can introduce sync errors and extra frames.
[Fix] H.264: Memory leak in MP4/MKV muxer when outputting H.264 files. Will crash on large files.
[Fix] H.264: Software encoder error if doing dual pass encoding and file name has unicode characters.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart editing, fixed pixelation due to PPSs defined in the RASL frames which aren't passed to decoder.
[Fix] MPEG2: Missing audio graph if GOPs are very short and audio physically lags behind video by > 1 sec.
[Fix] Output Profile: If output codec is MPEG2 and recoding is required, make sure height is either 1080 or multiple of 16.
[Fix] Output profiles: Downloading additional profiles from VideoReDo servers not working.
[Fix] Titling: Output title will be corrupt if video line with is not a multiple of 8.
VideoReDo Pro - Released 2020-03-27
[Enhancement] ANC captions: (VRDPro) Add new options to "RDD11/VANC processing mode", "Userdata captions to VANC if no existing VANC"
[Enhancement] MXF captions: (VRDPro) fixed support for MXF 436m ANC captions.
[Enhancement] SDI Output: (VRDPro) Display VITC time code. If showing ANC captions get time code from VITC, if user data from GOP header.
[Enhancement] SDI Output: (VRDPro) fixed playback frame rate stability so that captions display properly.
[Enhancement] SDI output: (VRDPro) Added Tools>Options>VRD Pro>SDI output, to process EIA 608 captions on line 21 for 720x608 SD videos.
[Enhancement] VBI captions: (VRDPro) Add ability to mux SCC EIA 608 captions to MPEG2 SD PAL with 720x608 dimensions.
[Change] MXF output: (VRDPro) creation data mxf wasn't being set in the MXF header. Now being set to current GMT.
[Change] MXF: (VRDPro) MXF metadata company and version strings now being set by VideoReDo rather than embedded in the muxer code.
[Change] Playback: (VRDPro) If SDI output is enable and deinterlace is enabled on T>O>Playback, automatically disable deinterlace.
[Change] Profiles: (VRDPro) Change visual watermarking to always show the fields: Offset pixels X & Y and transparency.
[Fix] DNX: (VRDPro) DNX with 4:2:2 chroma not displaying correctly.
[Fix] MXF captions: (VRDPro) Fixed MXF 436M to LXF VBI captions when MXF captions have a svcInfo present.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) Advanced audio, unable to set AC3 bit rate beyond 384 Kbps.
[Fix] SDI Output: (VRDPro) SDI audio channel mapping was incorrect with multiple PCM streams. Some channels were duplicated.
[Fix] VBI captions: (VRDPro) display of MPEG2 VBI captions wasn't working.

[Change] H.264 profile: H.264 advanced encoding parameters removed "progressive" from optional "Interlace mode".
[Change] Internal: libavcodec & libavformat updated from Version 3 to Version 4.
[Change] Logging: If log file folder doesn't exist, logger will 1st attempt to create it, if fails set default to Documents\VideoReDo
[Fix] Ad-detective: Intermittent hang after running ad-detective if thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Batch: When doing a queue to batch from the file save screen, the selected profile isn't saved and remembered for the next save.
[Fix] Beyond TV XML files don't work
[Fix] DVD: If saving a DVD to an ISO from the DVD project page, no longer warns if a physical burner isn't found.
[Fix] DVD: If source video has 4:2:2 chroma, DVD authoring should automatically recode to 4:2:0.
[Fix] DVD: Opening a copy protected VIDEO_TS file will crash in V6.
[Fix] DVD: When authoring to a DVD using the software encoder, reduce the bit rate tolerance so that encoded size fits on a DVD
[Fix] H.264: If frame rate at start of file is variable, build an internal histogram of frame durations to determine actual frame rate
[Fix] Joiner: Transitions sometimes disabled when saving through the joiner.
[Fix] MPEG2: If source is MPEG2 navigating or Ad-detective to end of file could hang thumbnails.
[Fix] MPEG2: Thumbnails could hang if source codec is MPEG2 and thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Output Profile: Save as elementary stream (match source) always appends .h264 suffix regardless of source video codec.
[Fix] Output graph: If video encoder set to dual pass but NVEnc or QuickSync becomes the actual encoder, revert to single pass.
[Fix] Output profiles: If smart profile codec is set to "match source" and changed in file save dialog, quality factor not honored.
[Fix] Profiles: Changing h264 codec to hevc on mp4 ipod profiles causes output error due to MP4 mux type of ipod not supporting hevc.
[Fix] QSF: If transitions are enabled, QSF dialog shows audio recoding even though transition settings ignored in QSF mode.
[Fix] Save dialog: If container is changed/customized clicking on "select file" uses old container type not new type.
[Fix] Shell: Problem opening VPRJ (maybe files too) with file associations.
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