VideoReDo TVSuite V6 beta: (March 26, 2020)

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TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-03-26

[Change] H.264 profile: H.264 advanced encoding parameters removed "progressive" from optional "Interlace mode".
[Change] Internal: libavcodec & libavformat updated from Version 3 to Version 4.
[Change] Logging: If log file folder doesn't exist, logger will 1st attempt to create it, if fails set default to Documents\VideoReDo
[Fix] Ad-detective: Intermittent hang after running ad-detective if thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Batch: When doing a queue to batch from the file save screen, the selected profile isn't saved and remembered for the next save.
[Fix] Beyond TV XML files don't work
[Fix] DVD: If saving a DVD to an ISO from the DVD project page, no longer warns if a physical burner isn't found.
[Fix] DVD: If source video has 4:2:2 chroma, DVD authoring should automatically recode to 4:2:0.
[Fix] DVD: Opening a copy protected VIDEO_TS file will crash in V6.
[Fix] DVD: When authoring to a DVD using the software encoder, reduce the bit rate tolerance so that encoded size fits on a DVD
[Fix] H.264: If frame rate at start of file is variable, build an internal histogram of frame durations to determine actual frame rate
[Fix] Joiner: Transitions sometimes disabled when saving through the joiner.
[Fix] MPEG2: If source is MPEG2 navigating or Ad-detective to end of file could hang thumbnails.
[Fix] MPEG2: Thumbnails could hang if source codec is MPEG2 and thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Output Profile: Save as elementary stream (match source) always appends .h264 suffix regardless of source video codec.
[Fix] Output graph: If video encoder set to dual pass but NVEnc or QuickSync becomes the actual encoder, revert to single pass.
[Fix] Output profiles: If smart profile codec is set to "match source" and changed in file save dialog, quality factor not honored.
[Fix] Profiles: Changing h264 codec to hevc on mp4 ipod profiles causes output error due to MP4 mux type of ipod not supporting hevc.
[Fix] QSF: If transitions are enabled, QSF dialog shows audio recoding even though transition settings ignored in QSF mode.
[Fix] Save dialog: If container is changed/customized clicking on "select file" uses old container type not new type.
[Fix] Shell: Problem opening VPRJ (maybe files too) with file associations.
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