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TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-11-28)

[Change] GUI: Up/down arrow changed to be the same as V5. Up now moves towards beginning of video, Down towards the end.
[Change] Intel Quick Sync: Default IDR interval for Quick Sync is 0 and should be 1 to create VPS, SPS, PPS for each GOP.
[Change] MPEG2 thumbnails: Speed up display of thumbnails by NOT writing all temporary AC3 frame errors to the log file.
[Change] MPEG2 thumbnails: Speed up display of thumbnails by decoding fewer frames.
[Change] NVEnc: Tools>Options>GPU encoding, NVEnc Info shows more information about what features are supported for each codec.
[Change] Time code entry: Allow semi-colon as separator in addition to period and colon.
[Fix] AC3: Recoding to AC3 creates invalid audio stream. Broken in 809b.
[Fix] Audio transitions: Sync error if channel count changes in the middle of a transition.
[Fix] GUI: Complete upgrade from task dialog, wouldn't bring up correct page.
[Fix] Joiner save: Will auto close VideoReDo after joiner save if there's no video file open in video window.
[Fix] Joiner: On two pass joining doing audo normalize, it was possible to get audio from last file at start of first file.
[Fix] Joiner: On two pass joining, file counter (1/x) in output status dialog was stuck at (x/x) in second pass.
[Fix] LXF: (VRDPro) LXF muxer not flushing partial audio and video frames at end of file.
[Fix] MPEG2 encoding: Not sending frame_rate to the encoder.
[Fix] NVEnc/QuickSync: H264 SEI captions encoded via NVEnc or Intel QuickSync not playing in VLC.
[Fix] Navigation: Unable to seek program or transport stream files > 7+ hours.
[Fix] Output Profile: Clicking on Advanced audio in save dialog profile option, causes crash.
[Fix] Video playback: Setting display aspect ratio on T>O>Playback devices only works for MPEG2, should work for H264 and HEVC.
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