VideoReDo TVSuite V6 beta: (2022-03-24)

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2022-03-24)
[Fix] HEVC: Transitions weren't working when saving from the joiner.
[Fix] H264/HEVC: Dissolve transition using smart editing with mid-point less than 0.5 results in some incorrect frames.
[Fix] H264: Using 64-bit software encoder can hang near end of file when source video has teletext.
[Fix] Batch: Batch broken in 835a, fixed in 835b.
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TVSuite V6 - Released 2022-03-08
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: Much faster thumbnail display when the thumbnail interval is > single frame and less than 1 second.
[Enhancement] TS Muxing: Allow VBR muxing when TS mux rate is set to Automatic or ATSC.
[Change] GUI: Tools>Options>Transition, warn user if the mid-point is not between 0.0 and 1.0.
[Change] GUI: Tools>Options>Transitions, changed "Mid-point" to "Dissolve mid-point". Disable edit box unless "Dissolve" selected.
[Fix] AAC: No audio stream error for files with AAC mono @ 16KBps. Can open now, but audio will be silent.
[Fix] Batch: QSF checkbox in batch checked when project file is queued from VRD causing edits to be ignored.
[Fix] DVB subtitles: Only able to view the first DVB subtitle. The other's wouldn't display.
[Fix] EVR video driver: Colors are all wrong if driver needs to internally convert from YUV to RGB (e.g. rotation or no acceleration).
[Fix] Frame cache: Thumbnails could put pixelated frames into the frame cache after a seek by not waiting first for an I-frame.
[Fix] German translation: Output complete dialog is incorrectly resized when running in German.
[Fix] H.264: Dual pass with the 64-bit encoder not honoring profile setting. Always being set to "Main".
[Fix] H264 encoder: Default (external) software encoder not honoring adaptive or pyramid B frame settings. Classic encoder OK.
[Fix] H264 stream: Possible incorrect parsing of an H264 MP4 file when there are no AUDs in the source stream.
[Fix] HEVC: Doing intelligent recode of a 10-bit HEVC video can trigger a crash.
[Fix] HEVC: Frames of last GOP of progressive video might incorrectly be internally flagged as interlaced triggering deinterlacer.
[Fix] HEVC: Smarteditor, non-standard frames rates were being rounded to a whole number instead of being passed through correctly.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Interlaced programs with separate AUD for each field doesn't navigate well in VLC.
[Fix] MP4: Fixed average frame rate calculation as reported by ffmpeg for VRD muxed files.
[Fix] MPEG2 video: A stray GOP header that's part of a P or B frame will hang navigation when seeking by I-Frame.
TVSuite V6 - (Released 2021-11-15)
[Change] HEVC: Not detecting EAC3 and HEVC in an ATSC (North American) transport stream program map.
[Fix] EAC3: Won't open a transport stream with EAC3 that isn't ATSC or DVB, but uses a unique format.
[Fix] H.264: Smart edit, VRD will loop and create extremely large log file if fade duration < GOP duration at cut point.
[Fix] Save: Selecting program stream output and custom output options causes crash in rules for user's video. (Dan203)
[Fix] Frame capture: If smart deinterlacing is enabled, frame capture would still use old BOB deinterlacer creating rough captures.
[Fix] Show Program Info: Parameters for H264 4:4:4 (profile: 244) not being correctly displayed.
[Fix] H264: Warn user format isn't supported if H.264 4:4:4 video is opened.
[Fix] Transport stream output: Re-encoding can sometimes cause some PTS underflows at the end of the file.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Trying to open a DVR-MS file will crash TVSuite 833.
[Fix] Audio fades: When fading out, rounding error could cause a few msec of the first fade-out frame to have silent audio.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2021-08-19
[Fix] AAC-HE: Sometimes wrong sampling rate and channel count detected resulting in distorted audio and possible crash.
[Fix] Chapter import: First chapter mark not being processed since reader looking for BOM marker.
[Fix] Dynamic normalization: Program failure if the program begins with 5.1 and changes to 2.0
[Fix] GUI: Cancel / Esc key wasn't working to dismiss unsaved edits dialog.
[Fix] GUI: Switching between preview back to edit mode advances 2 frames if codec is MPEG2. OK for other codecs.
[Fix] H264 smart editing: Incorrect cut points and possible pixelation if the cut is very short and the cut end GOP is already in the buffer.
[Fix] H264: Smart edit can pixelate if source video VBV size is too low. Now sets minimum recoded VBV to 100KB.
[Fix] H264: Smart edit will turn black frames into gray frames if the original bit rate of the source file GOP is too low.
[Fix] HEVC: Intermittent crash when closing video if the thumbnail process is still filling in data when close is requested.
[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Muxer error when saving interlaced H264 files with separate AUDs for top and bottom fields.
[Fix] MP4: Using the joiner with titles and saving to MP4 files might abort output, especially in batch.
[Fix] MPEG2: Application crash when opening DVD-RAM VRO files.
[Fix] Profiles: Max bit rate being reset to "No limit" regardless of user setting.
[Fix] QSF: Running QSF with filters interactively wasn't honoring filters. Works OK from batch.
[Fix] Transitions: TVSuite could disable transitions when importing a profile from VRD Pro.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2021-06-05
[Enhancement] MPEG2: Added support for AAC-HE for transport streams with MPEG2 video.
[Change] Profiles: Increase maximum crop from 100 pixels to 240 pixels if file not open.
[Fix] Output profiles: Unable to set cropping values greater than 100. (Dan203)
[Fix] Title editor: User installed font name not showing in the title editors. (Dan203)
[Fix] Titling: Added support for non-truetype vector fonts.
[Fix] GUI: Intermittent hang when switching from preview to edit mode, or saving while in preview mode.
[Fix] H.264/HEVC: editing can freeze when navigating near the end of the file. (Broke in 829d).
TVSuite V6 - Released (2021-04-27)
[Enhancement] GUI: Added short cut and custom button: "Select Audio Stream" to change playing audio stream. Use "option" field for stream #
[Enhancement] GUI: Major improvements to the Czech and French translations.
[Enhancement] GUI: New keyboard shortcuts, Shift+1 through Shift+9 to change the audio stream being played back. Can be customized.
[Enhancement] Navigation: Speed up forward short interval navigation by doing sequential searchs.
[Change] MP4 output: If doing a video recode, automatically rebase the lowest PTS to be 0. (same as the VRD Pro MP4 advanced option).
[Change] Options: Tools>Options>Manual, Added "Maximum seconds for sequential search", removed "Thumbnail sequential search"
[Fix] H264 stream: Default to top field when complimentary field pairs are encountered.
[Fix] MPEG2: Advancing 1 frame after an I-frame seek causes seek to next I-frame.
[Fix] NVEnc: HEVC advanced encoding parameters looking in the wrong place.
[Fix] NVEnc: Only check if NVidia encoder exists if user requested it in the output profile, or made it the default encoder.
[Fix] Output profiles: Setting header bit rate to "No change" causes profile to disappear.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2021-03-19
[Enhancement] Chapter marks: Add additional formatting options for chapters.
[Change] Chapter files: Revert chapter text file to be like V5 and use windows line endings (\r\n) instead of just \n. Also removed BOM.
[Fix] Uncompress stream: Log program info of source file in output for output. Previously only done with MPEG2, H264, HEVC
[Fix] LATM AAC: No audio PID message if TS packets too small to contain an entire LATM AAC frame.
[Fix] H.264: Memory allocation errors if the picture size > 4K and system has more then 12 processor threads.
[Fix] Frame capture: Issues with frame capture if the picture width is > 4096 pixels. Now allows capture up to 8192.
[Fix] Keyboard shortcuts: Assigning a short cut to "Select thumbnail interval" does NOT show option parameter in shortcut HTML listing.
[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Audio headers not written if an audio stream is present in the source, but missing in the output segments.
[Fix] WTV Files: Language code display in Show Program Info was incorrect due to incorrect unicode conversion.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2021-02-04
[Enhancement] COM: Added new script, join.vbs to illustrate how to use the joiner from COM.
[Change] Activation: If activation fails, display a button to allow the user to open the log file.
[Change] COM: Separate versions of vp.vbs and join.vbs for Pro and TVSuite that use the correct COM names for the specific product.
[Change] GUI: Output completion window is now resizeable in case the output file name is very long.
[Change] Profile editor: PCM audio now allowed in M2TS files
[Fix] Profile editor: Advanced audio streams, not clearing list of removed audio streams causing unwanted streams in output file.
[Fix] Profile editor: The max bitrate wasn't loading into the dialog correctly if set to No Limit
[Fix] Profile editor: Video cropping dialog could display twice once after editing and then again after that.
[Fix] Default profiles: Interlaced mode set incorrectly causing interlaced rather than progressive output.
[Fix] File save dialogs: Recode icons were being cropped by a pixel causing right edge of icon to get chopped off.
[Fix] H264/HEVC encoders: Removed extra new lines in the log file written by the 64-bit external encoders.
[Fix] HEVC: Very long GOPs (>= 250 frames) can stall output due to buffers being full.
[Fix] Joiner: Adding title to the joiner may result in intermittent failure when saving to MP4 files.
[Fix] Joiner: Bad joins if the longest file being joined is shorter in duration than other joined files & scenes exceed that duration.
[Fix] Profile editor: Audio bitrate not loaded correctly for editing when the audio was set to AC3.
[Fix] Profile editor: Audio normalization options not saved correctly
[Fix] RDD11 to userdata: Would hang when there was pre- and post-title blocks.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-12-11

[Change] Output profiles: Made the cropping crop dialog re-sizeable.
[Change] Translations: Output profile screen not displaying German diacritical in the translation file properly.
[Change] Transport stream output: Changed mux logic to make seeking of saved .ts files smoother in VLC.
[Fix] H264: Software encoding could stall on output at end of file if the system has lots of physical cores.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoder init error if there were no re-order frames. Derive from: sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 instead.
[Fix] HEVC: SmartEncoder not writing encoder parameter errors to the log file.
[Fix] Output profiles: Audio normalization values are not persisting. (Broken after build 821)
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TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-11-20
[Fix] H264/HEVC encoding: External encoder could stall if there are multiple audio streams with short duration frame (e.g. DTS).
[Fix] PCM Audio: Unable to open files with 96K PCM sampling rate.
[Fix] QSF: QSF fails to output audio and some video if frame rate is 59.94 fps.
[Fix] VC-1: If source video codec is VC-1 and container is transport stream (.ts) give warning that user should convert to MKV.
[Fix] YUVStream: Secondary codecs (ProRes, VC-1, WMV) stopped working,. (Broke in 825)
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