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    "Problem while seeking" Error with v6.61.1.819a

    I upgraded to VRD v6.61.1.819a this weekend and now encounter this error when running Ad Detect in the background from kmttg: The vprj files generates properly, but the message has to be cleared after every file. All files have previously been decrypted and processed with VRD QSF. If I run...
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    QSF Errors

    Recently I’ve had issues running QSF on some shows downloaded from my TiVo Bolts. The shows download fine using kmttg or pyTivo Desktop producing .tivo files. When I run QSF on the file, QSF appears to run, it quickly displays progress at 100%, but never finishes. Any ideas on what’s...
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    Mpeg stream error: H264, error in replenish buffer

    I received the following error when trying to run QSF on a .TIVO file I downloaded from my TiVo. “Mpeg stream error: H264, error in replenish buffer, details in the log file.” I’ve attached the VRD log file. Is this something that can be fixed by VRD or is it some kind of file glitch that...
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    Errors When Running QSF/Decrypt from TiVo

    Scenario: I download, decode and run QSF on a file and the QSF process errors out. I’m using kmttg to download as Transport Stream and using VRD QSF to decrypt. Most of my shows process as expected, but recently a few won’t finish and give me errors. When I process them in kmttg (download &...
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    VRD Won't Open Files With "&" in File Name

    I recently upgraded to VRD TVSuite w/H.264 v4.21.10.681 from VRD Plus. I don't remember VRD Plus having this issue. I've discovered that VRD won't open VRD project files if the video file name includes an "&". For example, "Rizzoli & Isles-S05E12-Burden of Proof.mpg" Other than renaming the...
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    How Improve VideoReDo Performance and Speed?

    I'd like to get some input on improving the speed and performance of VideoReDo while I'm editing videos. Specifically, I'm looking to improve the speediness of updating the main video window when I'm jumping between bookmarks in a project and adjusting the bookmarks. I don't care so much about...
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