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    Pixelation in place of cut VRDv6 beta

    Hello, I would like to continue with solving my issue from this thread: I have tried all mentioned problematic samples in new VRD v6 beta and one of them still produce pixelation in place of cut: >...
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    Error opening directsound audio device

    Hi, I got this error message if I try open any video file including audio. I need to mentioned that machine running this VRDv6 beta is accessed only via Teamviewer and have no connected speakers or headphones. On the other hand VRD v5 on the same machine works without any problem. I use this...
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    Pixelation in place of cut (I frame)

    Hello, I have got pixelation in place of cut in version May I upload somewhere a sample of original video file so you could make diagnostic and fix it? In the original video there are no artefacts. source is H264 HD video and output is H264 elementary stream. Thanks
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