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    Import or open an edl file

    comskip supports outputting VRD Project files by adding the following line to your comskip.ini file output_videoredo3=1
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    How do I select mp3 output in VRD6?

    Thanks, I'll quit holding my breath now
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    How do I select mp3 output in VRD6?

    Set myself a reminder to check back in on my feature request. Still not there?
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    Sunday's FOX NFL game recorded to TIVO gives an error unable to determine initial clock ...

    That download might have been bit by the TiVo ts sync loss issue. What program did you use to d/l it from your TiVo and what model TiVo is it? With a Premiere or Roamio there is a possibility of error free downloads, with a Bolt I would use pyTivo Desktop and set to keep the download with least...
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    Want 100 Thumbnails...?

    The thumbnail view and navigation of seems to be an issue. It has been getting progressively worse with each release. Switching between time frames as you say takes a lot of time to repaint them. Lately when opening a file and positioning to an I/IDR frame and advancing a single frame it jumps...
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    Can't adjust audio level, recode not happening

    Thanks for the reply. It's driving me crazy because I can't repro it. Which is a good thing! If & when it happens again, I'll post here. Could be the original recording I reported on had a volume so low that doubling it wasn't perceivable. Increasing the gain using the menu option Tools ->...
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    Can't adjust audio level, recode not happening

    Yes, that's the problem. It's not increasing the audio gain. I set it to double (6.0 db). I first tried using the menu option Tools -> Adjust Audio Output Volume 6.0db (2.0x), saved the project and then saved the video. When that didn't work I modified the output profile. I Save Video using the...
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    Can't adjust audio level, recode not happening

    Trying to increase the volume on this. Simple cut at beginning and end, bring up profile options and adjust gain. Says audio recode required but when I save it just does a fast frame copy. Source file info File: Name : Sea Shadow.ts...
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    Slow Video play in editing mode

    Is MediaInfo now built in to VideoReDo? I saw the keyboard shortcut <CTRL><SHIFT>L to invoke it, but it doesn't do anything.
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    Select/Display audio channels

    Is it possible while editing a video to display all audio channels in the thumbnails? Most of my edits are done with AC-3 6 and 2 channel audio. If I select from Tools->Select Stream->Audio Streams-> It appears I can select an individual Stream and upon doing so, all streams appear in the...
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    "Problem while seeking" Error with v6.61.1.819a

    Back to the problem... Any news on a fix for the subject of this thread? Or should I post again with the same subject for the same problem. Seek fails about 1 second after end of video when selecting end or playing to end...
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    "Problem while seeking" Error with v6.61.1.819a

    Have been getting that error consistently lately. Usually while either playing a file to the end or hitting the END key while editing. Didn't report it as I saw others did and figured it was fixed in an unreleased version.
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    Where can I get TV suite version 5?

    You can download it here
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    What format will save EIA 608 captions besides TS?

    Why don'y you just save them as an mpg Program Stream that preserves CC while just remuxing the container from mpeg2 TS to mpeg2 PS? Use the default Profile: Program Stream, Codec: Match Source, Container: Program Stream, Output Mode: Intelligent
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    Where are the release notes and change log for v6.60.10.816a?

    If I download the release version from I get what it says on that page, Version: Last Update: March 3, 2020 Looking at the Release Notes at it says Version - Release date...
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    Transitions reduce AC3 bitrate?

    According to the change log here it's in VRDPro v6.60.6.819 Released 2020-03-02 [Fix] Output Profiles: (VRDPro) Unable to set the AC3 bit rate beyond 384 Kbps in either simple or advanced audio.
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    New Release ?

    Was going to ask the same question. The download page says Version: Last Update: March 3, 2020 The Release Notes page says Version - Release date: 2020-03-02 The Change Log...
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    Installing older beta over newer beta?

    Would still like an answer to my question. I ran into issues with this years ago and remember installing an older version on top of a new version had issues because of settings/registry changes between the versions. I know I can install multiple copies in different directories, but they share...
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    Installing older beta over newer beta?

    I'm currently running and want to try out the latest I know I can just install the latest 811a over my currnt version 808a, but my question is... If I have an issue with the new beta 811a and want to revert to my previous version 808a, what's the best way to do that...
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