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    Didn't burn the complete show

    I edited out all the commericals on a 30 minute show. I showed me that it was going to be 1.6GB. I then saved the show to file, opened the file in videoredo to burn to DVD. When I finished burning, I only had a liittle over 4 minuts on the DVD. What happened? I have tried this a few times with...
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    How manys hours of Tivo recordings will fit on a DVD

    I am trying the trial version of VideoReDo TV suite. I do like it, but it seems that I can only get about 1 hour of an edited (commercials taken out) TV show. In the past I used VideoReDo plus with DVDStyler and Imgburn and I was able to get more on each DVD. The file size of the edited TIVO...
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    What's test way to get TIVO recordings to DVD?

    Here's how I currently do it. This takes forever and I hope there is a much more efficient (faster) way of doing this. Currently, I transfer my recorded TIVO shows to my laptop. An hour show takes close to an hour to download to the laptop. From there, I click and drag the files to VideoReDo...
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    Splicing two different TIVO recordings together

    I have 2 different recordings of the same show. Parts 1 and 2. Does Videoredo offer a way to splice these two recordings together to make them into one? The way it is now, I will have to play part 1, then go to the menu and play part two. I would like to combine the two (if possible) and only...
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