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    Beta 819 - Cancel on Check for updated version

    The new dialogue presented on startup to check for an updated version has a Cancel button - but using it results in a check being done. I think that "cancel" should be treated the same way as "no".
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    Build 763 - display showing multiple repeated images simultaneously

    The video preview window is showing the same image multiple times in black and white. Source in this case in a .ts of H.264 recording from BBC Four but happening with other recordings that worked fine with earlier VideoReDo builds. This particular one: Mux...
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    Build 763 - virus report for VRDTVSuiteCheck

    AVG reports that it found Win32:Vitro in VRDTVSuiteCheck.exe I have reported it to AVG as a false positive as no other AV tools on VirusTotal find anything wrong with it. (note - this build not yet announced in the forum but "check for update" found it)
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    Crash on loading mp4 video/audio file

    Tried to load it into VideoReDo and crashes each time - in MSVCR100.dll Nothing written to the VideoReDo log file for the crash. Windows Event Log shows Faulting application name: VideoReDo5.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5568c435 Faulting module name: MSVCR100.dll, version...
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    Saving from .ts to .ts with edits stops without error

    Recorded from TV (UK DVB-T - Film4 (SD). Manually edited to strip adverts. When trying to save it seems to get into the 4th of 5 save sectiond and aborts the save without showing an error message - and returns to the edit screen. Total saved is 1:15:58 but should be 1:48:22 Stops at 2015-04-18...
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