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    Sound goes out and in.

    I wanted to clip a video from a car cam. So I used Handbrake to change it from VIA to MP4 but when I play it on VideoReDo the sound goes out and in. But if I play it in Chrome it plays real good. I just want to cut a little part out of it. Any one know what could be wrong? Got Version...
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    There H.264 but "Unable to open file"

    I have a Night Owl DVR Security system. Can save it's video to a USB flash drive. The file names end in .264 but when I went to open one with VideoReDo bata I still get a "Unable to open file" I don't know why when a H.264 is right on the start up of VideoReDo. Any one know what could be wrong...
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    TiVo video is bad in parts with a pattern.

    Wow I am not sure what is wrong. I don't think it's VideoReDo because playing in Windows Media player the same thing. Downloading a new video from my TiVo Premiere it plays good for about 5 sec. Then puts like big dots all over the video for about 2 sec. then back to good video for about 5 sec...
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    Output "No Change" but it does change.

    Using a .TiVo video I got from a HD TV. Off a none HD channel. It plays in Windows media player at 704 by 528 after I save it out to a .mpg using VideoReDo it goes to 640 by 480 and in saving all is set to "No Change" why don't it save out the same as the .TiVo? Or is this the right way to save...
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