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  1. lennich

    FPS problem.

    I have MP4 files I have downloaded from security cameras. They seem non-standard in some way but I got something I could look at, yet the files report as 25fps and run at (probably) double that speed. Is there some way I can use VideoRedo to slow down replay on a saved file?
  2. lennich

    Padding widescreen MP4 file

    I have a widescreen MP4 file 1280x544 which I want to pad to 1280x720 with blackspace at top and bottom i.e. I want the image to still be the original size. So far I haven't worked out how to do that in Videoredo. Is it possible?
  3. lennich

    Repeated saves give different results

    Here's something that has me puzzled: I edit an MPEG-2 TS file and save it (again as MPEG-2 TS). When the saving is finished I get the usual box of info telling me about video resync frames removed etc.. If I immediately save the file again I get different numbers in the info box. I tried this...
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