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    vap run from the commandline

    If I run vap from the desktop short cut it works. If I try to run vap from the command line. It runs and gets an error trying to get the VRD version. I'm running Videoredoplus3 version The need for vap came about since I upgraded to windows 10. BeyondTV takes for every to long...
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    modify batch cmd

    Is it possible to add instructions to the batch file. I would like to add a couple of commands at the end of the batch file. RAC
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    videoredoplus3 hang

    I've had a few problems where videoredoplus3 hangs while trying to sync to a position in the file. The disk light goes on solid and just hangs for several minutes. Any ideas why this happens? RAC
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    I can't seem to get videoredoplus3 to open the last project folder. It always opens in the c:\user\<username>\appdata\roaming\videoredoplus folder. If I run regedit and change to foldernames to open in the folder that I want it works until I close videoredoplus3 and start it again. At which...
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    Possible joining feature

    When joining two or more files and creating the output the file name is blank. It would be nice if you had the option to use one of the original file names. Some file names are rather long to have to retype. Just a thought Thanks
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    joining tqo projects

    Ok I'm new to VRD. I read the info on joining two projects. If I drag two projects to the VRD window it asks if I want to combine or join. If I combine I get a VLST file. If I try to open the VLST fil. It does not open. If I open one project and make edits then add it to the join list and...
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    pids in .ts files

    I'm new to video editing. When I use Beyond TV to record a hd program it creates a .tp file which contains two different channels or pids. In my case its 4.1 and 4.2. When I told videoredo to redo the stream to .ts it stripped the 4.2 pid. Is that always the case? Because this is what I'm...
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