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    Make 100% be real 100%

    If you have cuts at the very end, when your video is being processed at this cut window title says "100%" despite of the fact that there are some operations pending and the whole percentage is actually someting like 99.89% being rounded up. So, please, make it show the number 100 when whole...
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    Something is broken in 822 installer

    Something is wrong with latest 822 installer. I start it, select language and instantly get an error. 821 installer work fine on same pc. WAIDW and how can I fix that?
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    Save dialogue default focuses

    In previous beta version after selecting to which file I want to save output I could just press enter twice (or thrice if "do you want to overwrite" question appeared). Now it is broken - after closing file selection dialogue "select file" button becomes in focus and pressing enter opens file...
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    Vrd closes during cutting the file

    I found such file, which is being cut makes vrd close without any messages. The most hilarious thing is the fact that this file is previously made by vrd itself. Samples with project files are being uploaded.
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    Joiner output size prediction is broken

    Open any file. Make any cuts. Add this project to joiner. Look at the bottom right corner. Size of joiner output is being calculated extremely wrong.
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    Mpeg2 stream with giant GOPs is uneditable

    Mpeg2 stream with giant GOPs is uneditable. I have a mpeg2 stream with very big GOPs with 150 frames each. When I`m trying to save file with cuts without full recompression "video ring buffer overflow" is being thrown. Sample file is uploaded.
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    Playback of aac audio stutters

    I have TS dvb file with aac audio and audio stutters while playing back this file within vrd6, but NOT in vrd5. Vrd6 build 812 - stutters, vrd5 latest build - clear. Sample file is uploaded.
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    Resync with missing frames

    Version .811 There is a "detect/resync missing frames" option - does it work? I have a slightly damaged DVB ts file and I`m getting "removed 7 audio frames" (and they are being really removed) despite of this setting is being set to. Saved same project with all three possible values and got...
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    Feature to set encoder parameters to produce stream that matches other one

    I would like to request a feature to be able to force reencode video and obtain a new video stream that can be concatenated with existing one. Hey, VRD, want to know what settings should be given to encoder? Look at this other file and take settings from it. When do I need it? I`ve recorded same...
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    MP4 file opening

    There is a problem with openin mp4 files. If i take any mp4 file and try to open it, vrd6 parses the whole file. While parsing vrd process stucks in "hang" state - window is not responding etc., and writes a lot to log file. If I`m patient enough, file will be opened, but it takes inadequate...
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    H264 encoder produces stream incompatible with source

    I have a ts with h264 1080i video from sat tv. I cut ads off and at the cut point of output video every video player I`ve tried stutters or shows a slush of pixels. It happens at the reencoded part at start of output and at reencoded parts in the middle of output video. Same behavour in vrdv5...
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