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    Extract 5.1 channels?

    I edit files on tv channels that broadcast 2 channel audio during the breaks but switch to multi-channel audio when the programme starts/ re-starts. I’ve learnt not to rely upon the reported channel count of both VideoRedo and MediaInfo. Instead a look at the audio level along the timeline as...
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    Is it possible to use chapter points to split a video?

    this thread may be relevant.
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    Changing display resolution height?

    Handbrake seems to insist on recording everything it touches either using presets or after you’ve navigated the wide range of adjustments that are available. On the other hand MakeMkv rips a disc without as it is (with the possible exception of not reading “add-ons“ like Dolby Vision). For that...
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    Changing display resolution height?

    I see that Handbrake is involved. Are you using this or does it arrive with you like that? I mention it because I had a width problem with Handbrake, it was auto cropping 1920 to 1904 which was not helping my playback device. I resolved this by selecting the Dimension tab, switching cropping to...
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    Clear recent folders/ files opton

    Can I suggest enhancements to this option: Prune: revew contents and remove entries not found Max: Set a maximum number of entries with the oldest being removed
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    Trouble saving Scenes (Goal to split large file into smaller bits)

    Yes, the progress bar display weirdness happens and has been reported. Not high on the to do list I fear. Also, I would avoid the split scenes queue to batch option as you do not get a proper report as to the error status of each scene.
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    The maths of video resync errors

    Hopefully this will be a one off occurrence driven by a number of clashing circumstances that will not occur again. Yes, I do feel that there is something funny going on here but unless it happens again there is nothing that can be done.
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    The maths of video resync errors

    My previous post included an extract of the MediaInfo file but I will post the full MediaInfo. Just to emphasise, this is not from the actual problem file - that's gone - but of a same source, same recording approach file. I've processed over 70 of these files over the past few months without...
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    The maths of video resync errors

    No, AC3: Audio ID : 2 Format : AC-3 Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 Format settings, Endianness : Big Codec ID : A_AC3 Duration...
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    The maths of video resync errors

    I've just processed another file in the same manner and got a total of 2 video resync errors. The split scenes options showed that 2 of the 4 sections had one error each. Traditional maths has prevailed and VRD seems capable of processing a file logicailly. Apart from crossing my fingers and...
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    The maths of video resync errors

    i am currently running 822a. I edited a file to remove adverts but 25 video resync errors were reported. So I ran the file again but this time using the split scenes option so that I could see which of the 5 sections that I had created contained the errors. Usually I would get a four green and...
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    Audio mislabeling?

    I avoid AdScan but maybe i shouldn't! I now have to correct my earlier post after studying an output file in VRD. I could see that VRD was switching between 2 channel and 6 channel as Dan203 stated. However, MediaInfo reports the file as 2 channel presumably from the first few frames. As I tend...
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    Audio mislabeling?

    Some of the tv channels I record will have the actual programme as 6 channel but switch to 2 channel for the breaks. In addition there can be a delay to the 6 channel engaging so the first few frames can be indicating 2 channel sound. As I understand it VRD will decide the dominant channel count...
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    Increase output window size

    Yeah, I don’t get that many errors (!) and was misremembering. Apologies.
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    Increase output window size

    Have you tried placing the cursor along the bottom line of the box and dragging it down?
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    What format will save EIA 608 captions besides TS?

    I appreciate that you would prefer a one step process but if you create a TS file and then use something like mkvtools to quickly convert it into a mkv file do the captions transfer across successfully?
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    Cannot crop video when saving to DVD

    Have you considered breaking the problem down and reformatting the file within VRD before passing it to the DVD section?
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    Beta 818a: QSF crawling and losing audio after first disturbance

    Well, my file Armageddon.mkv opened ok in VRD 816. Didn’t try to edit or save it though. Bruce wouldn’t have liked that.
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    Any Way to Make Titles Work in Portrait Video Mode?

    Can’t you just edit the jpeg itself to reorientate it?
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    Support for CCTV DVR .avi files

    I think that this is the thread which Dan203 referenced. It might be of interest.
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