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    Corrupt Input Video File causes Videoredo 6 to hang or crash

    I have this problem for many years. I still get occasional hangs or crashes on Videoredo 6 when outputting file. I am sure that it is due to a problem in the input file. Cannot even get QSF to fix the problem, File plays fine, just cannot QSF or output file as it either hangs or crashed. Link to...
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    Quick Stream Fix hnags on some H264 transport streams

    I get QSF to hang when processing an H264 transport stream. There are no error messages and the task manager shows no CPU activity by the task. I am certain that it is a glitch in the transport stream, however, I cannot send you a trimmed file with the glitch as I can never get a trimmed file...
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    810a anomaly. VideoRedo Wizard not run, Do you want to run it now?

    When first installing Videoredo 810a and running Viedoredo for the first time you get the message that Videoredo Wizard has not been run, do you want to run it now, even when you have run the wizard during installation? If you Run 810a with administrator privileges and run the wizard the problem...
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    809v outputs audio as LCPM with video only option

    Similar problem reported elsewhere under different Post but I think it is the same problem. I have found that 809b now outputs video using my H264.AC3 profile with H264 Video and LCPM audio with video option only set, hence no audio on in output file. Reloaded 808a and all works well. looks...
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    809b now outputs audio in LCPM format instead of AC3

    809B seems to output video which is set to profile H.264/ac3 with audio LCPM format and video only hence no audio. Reloading 808a works correctly and outputs audio as AC3. 809 seemed to break AC3 link when using My h264/ac3 profile or is not reading profile file properly. 808a work normally...
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    VRD6 Beta 800 trial Expired for Users in Australia

    Unfortunately, VTD6 Beta 800 has stopped working for usere in Australia as we are ~18 hours ahead of the USA.
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    7 Days of VRD 6 Beta Version 800 Testing.

    I have put VRD 6 Beta Version 800 through thorough testing this week. All video files that failed previous versions of VRD 6 Beta now pass. I did find that I had to completely remove all previous versions of VRD 6 beta from my computer in order to get it to work successfully without FFMpeg...
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    Status of VTD6 Beta 800

    With a tola uninstall of VRF5 and VRD6 Beta and clean installs I can get my library of failing test files to pass all runs. Only known outstanding issues are that when using Batch Manager and submitting an ADScan to batch you have to set the mode to Interactive to get the Vprj file save...
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    ffmpeg Error with VRD6 Beta 799e

    I have narrowed the problem down with the FFmpeg errors. They seem to occur when the is a change in the input stream. For example, when the program breaks for a commercial and maybe the stream parameters are different. Watching the progress the FFmpeg error always occurs just after the...
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    VRD6 Beta 799 Feedback

    In order to get VTD6Beta 799 to install and work, I had to completely deinstall 798a, Run CCleaner and fix the registry after removing 798a. 799 then installed with the following error right at the end, see attached jpg 799 seems to run OK. Tried initial AD Scan and it was very very slow...
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    What Video Codec to use for replaying VRD6Beta H.264 files

    All of a sudden my computers are having problems playing VRD created H.264 output files using different media players. I can no longer play VRD6BETA and VRD5 H.264 files. Some media players now have no video but have audio and other have no audio but video. Otheres just freeze. Used to work...
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    AD Scan output when running VTD6Beta in Batch.

    It may not yet be supported as I read somewhere that VRD6Beta is not compatible with BatchManager yet. I can queue jobs in the VRD6Beta Batch Manager and then change the job to an AD Scan. All seems to work but I cannot find where the vprj output file is stored?
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    Ad Detective Scan with VRD6 Beta much slower than VRD5 for H.264 file types.

    When comparing AD Detective Scan for VRD6 Beta with VRD5 using Ad Detective scan, VRD6 Beta is up to 20 times slower than VRD5 for the same file and same parameters for H.644 file types.
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    Outputting Recode to file hangs both in VRD 5 and VTD Beta6

    This is weird one and it is applicable to both VRD V5 as well as VRD Beta6. When outputting a file during a recode the output process can hang indefinitely during the output. Checking the task manager VRD V5 and VTDBeta6 show 0% CPU usage and it just sits there. Starting the output again...
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    VideoRedo Version 6 Beta Support

    Is it possible to run VAP using Videoredo Vesrion 6 Beta
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    Vap Movie Meta Data Source

    Sorry for such a simple question but I am having trouble populating the correct meta data fields that tells VAP that the input file is a Movie. Only way I can get it to work correctly is to copy all Metadata Fields from a known Movie File and then change the Title and release year date. Thanks...
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    The TVDB and Time Zone anomaly

    Living in Australia we are in the situation that we can ve watched the TV program even before it is first shown in the USA. VAP has a problem matching the Meta data when the THETVDB first broadcast date is after the date stored in the recorded file meta data. My way around this is to check the...
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    VAP Crashes when trying to open wtv file or reading meta data

    I have determined that the problems originally reported about VRD 129 crashing is in fact this problem. There is still the QSF problem with VRD 743 and VAP 128/129 when QSF fails. The problem is that when a particular wtv file from broadcaster ABC (Australia not USA) is attempted to be opened...
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    VAP 129 does not fix 743 QSF file-open failures

    Tried VAP 129 with VRD743. VAP129 states that it fixes QSF file-open failures with VRD743. Still get same instant QSF file-open failures. Gone back to VRD741 which works well. Geoff Harvey
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    VAP Ver. 1.16 Advanced Configuration, Profile Match String Text is not shown

    VAP Ver. 1.16 Advanced Configuration, Profile Match String Text is not shown. Text/data in Match String plus the remaining fields is not shown. The data is there and when you click on the field it is shown and all works well but data fields are not visible. Great Product. use it everyday...
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