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    Looking for a way to join subtitles from individual episodes joined into one show

    Hi; i have a series of episodes of a show ( ton of them) that are normally shown in 25 minute epidoes with 4 to 8 episodes making up a storyline. i have embedded subtitles in each episode which i can extract and work with. i plan to join all the episodes together to make one mp4 and woudl...
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    uninstaling Pro from a computer

    Hi; i'm having to reinstall windows 10 on the pc that i have Pro on. I made a bootable backup of the original drive that i did an generic windows uninstall on, so i can put it back into the machine if additional uninstall steps are needed. I had to do an uninstall a couple of years ago and...
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    A question about the split feature in V6

    hi; i need to split out several sections (individual shows) from a recording of several shows played back to back. I tried the split feature and i noticed that the start of each resulting "split" sections starts into the show by several seconds. As a test, i found a smpte time code video 1...
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    Running pro and Suite on same PC ?

    HI question says it all. I like the smoothness of the drag through mp4 capability with the suite vs the pro ( more calculations going on in the background i guess). Is there a mode that shuts down background calcs and focuses on smooth dragging through an mp4 ? i use the drag through to...
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    A Question about the demo

    I noticed your sale is still on and i downloaded the demo to see if the pro version will allow me to "normalize" the audio in my videos to a fixed reference level. I loaded a simple 6 minute video (from youtube) and ran the LKFS analyzer and it says LKFS level is -33.73 dbfs and peak is -11.82...
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    Changing Background color of video window ?

    Hi; is it possible to change the background color of the window the video shows up in ? I have the editor stretched out ( so i have more visible timeline to work with) and the video window defaults to black so i can't tell if the video frames I'm looking at have black bars and where the bars...
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