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    834g crashes when editing 2160p HDR video

    If I do not edit the video, i.e., just use VRDPro to convert AAC audio to AC3 audio, it doesn't crash. But, when doing actual cuts, VRDPro crashes.
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    Error at cut point

    I haven't seen an error like this in a long time. But, I managed to get a vastly distorted several frame at a cut point. The error occurs with VRDPro 832f and VRD-V6 804a. The error does not happen with 766a, all under Win7. Sample images of good and bad and a small segment of the video, with...
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    VRDPro does not get focus upon file open

    I've mentioned this many moons ago, so I'll mention it again. When VRD opens a file (other than opening a file that is in the joiner list), VD does not have focus. That means all hot keys are ignored until one clicks the rodent within VRD. That is annoying. Many a time I open a file and forget...
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    MKV output not adding chapter mark at time 0

    Normally when creating a MKV file, VRD places a chapter mark near frame 0, though I've seen it placed anywhere up to frame 8. But, I've run into an issue where VRD is not placing a chapter mark at the beginning of the file. Hell, I've manually placed a mark at frame 10 and when I run the job...
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    Elementary Stream Muxing ignores Favorites

    VRDPro 832f I discovered that trying to mux elementary streams results in the dialog ignoring the Favorites Only check box. Even if I set it and then do another muxing run, the box is still unchecked.
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    Audio is shifted during join

    VRDpro 832f Win7 I first saw the issue in 831a. I have two files, one is 1080p w/ AAC2.0 audio and the other is 720p w/ DD5.1 audio. I can't just mux the audio from the 720p file to the 1080p file because the black lengths are not the same. So, what I did is create elementary stream files of 6...
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    VRDPro and 720p H.264 editing errors.

    VRDPro 931a - Win7 I've run into a really bad issue. I prefer 1080p, but recently had no choice but to work with 720p. VRDPro doesn't like rebuilding the video at cut locations. The video at the cut points are replaced with grey frames. The number of frames varies. I created a video that is 5...
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    VRD6Pro hates NBC Network Sat Feed (PTS Underflow)

    This has been going on for a few versions now. Whenever I edit a TS file, I get a boatload of PTS underflows. A sample file (97MB) that contains a 30 sec trim and the log file is available here.
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    824a - Requested bitrate ignored

    Source: HEVC - 59.94 - 720p - 4:2:2 - ~10Mbps Wanted: HEVC - 59.94 - 720p - 4:2:0 - 8Mbps 2-pass I tried two different bitrate average settings and the result in both cases was 2Mbps. The setting is being ignored. Plus, I also get PTS underflow errors (2430ms). Why?
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    Can't read text during output

    824a. When the output dialog appears, it is black text on a dark gray background. Please put it back so that I can read the progress.
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    Major muxing failure with 824a

    The TS muxer grabbed about 30 frames of the hevc file and then quit. The log explains it all.
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    PTS Underflows

    V 823A I'm getting PTS underflows for no apparent reason. There are only 6,143 1080p frames (H.264) in the output (TS). Any clues in the attached log?
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    822b - Found another bug

    I made a mistake and had to abort a recode. But when I tried to delete the partially created file, the OS complained that the file was still open by VideoReDoEncoder64.exe. Even though VRDPro was no longer running, that program still was. Oops!
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    822b - muxing causes crash

    Open 822b. Drag *.hevc file to GUI. VRDpro complains about not being able to edit elementary streams. Click OK to continue. Crash city. It does work if you open VRDPro and use the tools menu option.
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    New 822b license epires in 9 days. What?

    The new version and key was just issued and yet the key expires in 9 days?
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    AV1 Support?

    Any plans to include AV1 support? My Blu-ray player does not support AV1 video files. More and more YouTube videos are using AV1 as well. After downloading, they will need conversion to AVC or HEVC.
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    VRDPro has expired

    I would have expected a new key by now, but nothing. Now I can't use VRDPro.
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    DD audio reverts to 384

    I have profiles that have conversion to DD2.0/DD5.1 that uses 640kbps. But, if I go in to do any changes to the profile, the audio reverts to 384. It is not checking to see what it is currently set to and keeping that value. You can't even set DD2.0 to 640. You have to hand exit the profile...
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    Large Buffer Malloc error

    V817a While trying to recode a AVC 422 video to AVC 420, I end up with a "Large Buffer Malloc: no more memory" I have 4 other files of the same type, which do not have the error and recode just fine. I even ran the original file thru QSF, no diff.
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    Lots of PTS errors - 815a

    To be fair, 758b also had PTS errors with the, but it didn't also have audio resync errors converting the AAC5.1 to DD5.1. That said, the source is a BBC1 OTA Freeview TS file, with AAC audio. There are three log files in the included zip file. The plain old log file is a run converting the...
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