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    Feature request ~ User keyboard shortcuts

    I work a lot in nonlinear editing programs, and I have most of my navigation shortcuts on the bottom row; arrow keys, Ctrl Alt Shift etc. It would be really convenient if we had the ability to program our own shortcuts, some of the ones I use often you have put on the top row "F" keys.
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    Which algorithm are you using for Smart Deinterlace?

    I ran some quantitative tests a few years ago on a half-dozen software deinterlace / decomb solutions, and now its time to do it again. Various programs are now using hardware assist, AI, and hybrid solutions. VRD Smart Deinterlace keeps catching my attention as one of the visually better ones...
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    Which AAC encoder is used in VRD?

    Just curious, the 5.1 output from AC3 5.1 DVDs is surprisingly good!
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    Zoom recording hangs QSF

    I have a client's Zoom recording that causes the lightning bolt to turn yellow and the clock to run on when I QSF at the default Fast Stream Copy settings. When I recode it, it seems to run OK.
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    Any news on 10 bit HEVC support?

    I understand that implementation has had a few issues. Any timeline for release yet?
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    FYI - x265 version 1.3x

    Assume the current version uses x265 v. 1.2.2. Nothing wrong with that. V. 1.3.x has rececently been released, and some changes under the hood, and street tests suggest nominally 35% bigger renders. Default has been set to AQ=2 in 1.3, from AQ=1 in 1.2.2. Returning this to AQ=1 seems to fix...
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    Repost: Closes with cursor at end of timeline

    This thread no longer migrates to the top when I post a reply, so the repost: It still happens in the latest beta with the .mts source. mp4 source seems ok. Zooming does not affect the behavior. A...
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    Advanced feature request-- x264, x265 additional parameters

    I was thinking maybe via a command line box in Advanced Options, using regular x264 syntax, and would append the GUI's encoder string. I use --vbv-maxrate and --vbv-bufsize a lot for streaming, occasionally --deblock and others for special cases.
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    Feature Request --vbv-maxrate setting x264

    This would be quite helpful for material headed for local and WAN streaming. Local media centers often choke on peak motion (bitrate), or busy source, thus a setting like --vbv-maxrate 25000 --vbv-buffsize 30000 is often used in concert with CRF in x264 to keep playback smooth. With dedicated...
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    New problem using QSV as default

    With V6 and QSV as default, I get 95% CPU usage, 10% GPU, and 2 hour render time using Android 1080p as an example. With V5 and QSV as default, I get 55% CPU usage, 39% GPU, and 24 minute render time using Android 1080p. Source is the same .mts file, fixed, about 2 hours. My CPU is i5 8250, 4...
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    Program Closes at End of timeline

    If I click "End" or let the cursor run out, the program closes and I lose all my edits. Sometimes there's an autosave but ??
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    Enable x264 Encoder?

    I am a confused being.. I would like to expose and enable the controls for x264 software encoding in TVSuite Beta 6. I can find these nowhere. I saw something that says to enable "Software Only." I did this under Hardware Encoders->Implementation Setting. Is this the correct option for me to...
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    Trial key expired

    I have a registered version of VideoReDo Plus installed on my Vista machine. I had installed a previous beta, but was getting lots of crashes and failed h.264 renders, so I uninstalled it. Now I have installed the 596 beta, but it says "Registered to: Trial Key. Your key has expired." Do we...
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    Ad Detective Frame Offset?

    Hello, Newbie user here, so thanks for being patient if I missed the answer during my forum search. Ad Detective does a fairly good job of detecting the first dark frame in a transition. However, it is common practice (in US broadcasts) to let the audio fade out a bit after the video, which can...
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