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    What's next?

    Usually when one looks at the forum you can tell what new features are being worked on and will be coming in a future beta release. For the past several months the forum has been fairly quiet, which tells me that overall V6 is in pretty good shape. Since that leaves you with so much spare time...
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    Variable speed playback

    Just downloaded the most recent beta. The variable playback speed is nice. It appears to only have five steps for fast and two steps for slow which is fine. Is there a way to get a status indicator for playback speed? Karl
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    Video Encoding - Profile Advanced Options

    Could you share a little more information on the video encoding parameters. If I select an Intelligent recode, the video encoding parameters under advanced options are not visible. I assume that means that some of the parameters are being picked up for use from the original video file. Can you...
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    Joiner enhancements - major recode required

    I just ran into a situation where I wanted to join several files in V6 and the joiner reported that a major recode was required. I went through the various file properties and found just one file just happened to have a different video resolution. I recoded it separately, replaced it the joiner...
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    Update intel video drivers for QuickSync speed boost

    I quickly tested Intel QuickSync on my Core i5-3450 (3rd gen HD 2500) by force recoding a 1 min section of 1080p video. Using all standard defaults and only changing the encoder I obtained the following: fps / Method 41 / Software 93 / QuickSync (original drivers) 100 / QuickSync (latest...
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    Is audio supposed to work with the experimental H264 preview?

    I tried two different files with two different audio types and audio the did not work in preview mode. Is it supposed to be working at this point? Using build 665a. Karl
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    Video playback jumps, single frame navigation fine

    I have two video files that I tried to edit in 646a. At different places in these files I run into sections where the video will jump or fast forward through 10-30 seconds of video and then start to play back fine. Running the file through VRD first will not fix the problem. Cut sections of...
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    New Lead-In Profile

    Now that I have a new core i5 machine, the lack of a working preview for h264 files is driving me nuts. I know there are great complexities to getting this work. Is it possible to add a new default profile to VRD? This would only output a video file that would correspond to the preview lead in...
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    Bitrate calculator ignores audio rate change

    I was performing some tests using the bitrate calculator. It appears to ignore changes made to the audio bitrate when calculating the video bitrate to meet a video size. It is almost like it is reading the bitrate associated with a saved profile on loading of the calculator instead of reading...
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    QSF throws away most audio frames

    I downloaded a video file and tried to edit it. Under 629 it crashed on file open. I updated to 637g. When trying to edit it YTOD. I ran through qsf to straighten it out and saving to ts to eliminate container issues, most of the audio frames were thrown away. Below is the MediaInfo and excerpt...
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    MP4 Crash on open, YTOD with TS

    I have an MP4 file that crashes 629d on open, mediainfo below. It looked like it should work so I ran it through tsmuxer to see if there was just something quirky about the file. The resulting TS file opened, mediainfo below (second set). When I tried to edit the new ts file, I received the...
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    How much CPU is required to power the GUI

    I know this is a very loaded question that has a lot of variables. I am specifically looking at the performance of the GUI. I am not interested decreasing transcoding times. I am looking at a specific type of playback performance. While working in scene mode, I will select an end point for a...
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    MKV crash on file open

    I downloaded a MKV file and it crashes on file open. It also crashes with qsf. I have tried with both 621c and 623e. Below is the mediainfo data. Is there something unsupported that I am missing? Karl General Unique ID : 178453835279500719573199835425031935511...
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    VRD crashes saving to mkv

    I have an h264 mkv file that I can edit and save to ts. If I try to edit the original and save it back to mkv VRD crashes. If I take a 30 sec segment from the original, save it as a ts, then run that back through to save as mkv, VRD crashes. I have included the log file contents from the last...
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    MTS to TS error. Works with 610a

    I have a Panasonic camera which I have used in the past to edit the AVCHD Lite video files. I just tried it with build 619 and it blows up. I tried several builds going back to 611f (which is unhappy but kind of works, the output has issues) without success. 610a works with no issues. The log is...
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    QSF "Stall"

    I just ran a 2 gb file h264 through qsf. When it completed it stayed on complete and 0 seconds remaining as it copied the contents from the tmp to mp4 file. This took a while and appears as a stall when it is still working. Can there be an additional status indicator showing that the qsf is...
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    Elementary stream multiplexer frames removed

    I have a file that when first saved to elementary streams has no errors. When saved back to an mpg file, a large amount of data is thrown out. The streams can be recombined with a third party multiplexer without errors. I am using 614f. Output from both below. Karl 2011-02-19 07:55:47 Log...
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    Future plans for ffmpeg in VRD?

    Dan, This is a curiosity question, and not holding you to any type of implementation timetable, are there additional plans for the ffmpeg audio libraries? I know that there is a limited licensing agreement that allows you to now support EAC3 and use the MP4 muxer. Just wondering what the...
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    Audio adjust to elementary mpg error

    I have an mpeg2 with 5.1 sound where I am trying to adjust the audio level (this recodes the audio to mp2) and save directly to elementary streams. I receive "Error setting output options". I can perform a two step conversion by converting the audio first then after saving to elementary. This...
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    File type associations not changing with build updates

    I am running XP and maintain multiple versions if VRD on my system. I have noticed this for a while but it now stands out since I added the mkv extension to my file open options. The file associations for VideoRedo4.exe stay with the original Videoredo4.exe that I installed on my system (build...
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