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    Problems running from a command line

    I just upgraded my TVsuite program and now when i run a batchfile from the command line i keep getting badgered by popups. First this pops up: "Thank you for evaluating VideoReDo TVSuite. Do you want to enjoy all the functionality of VideoReDo without being bothered by these annoying...
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    Problems on Virtual PC

    I have TVsuite installed on VirtualPC 2007. When I go to open a video, the TVsuite window hangs. CPU usage jumps to 100% with VideoRedo3.exe using 25%, Explorer.exe using 50% and taskmgr using the remainder. The virtual machine is Vista home premium with 2GB of memory allocated. Any...
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    Cannot Create DVR-MS file

    I'm running Vista Ultimate and i was previously running verison I upgraded to TV-suite Beta and I could no longer create a DVR-MS file from the command line using quick stream fix. I have a program that I wrote that will batch fix a selection of files. But once I upgraded I was no...
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